Winning Chess Moves: Nakamura vs Shankland, 9/9/2021

The Champions Showdown 9LX is a rapid Fischer Random/Chess960 chess tournament that is currently taking place in Saint Louis, USA. Today’s winning chess move comes from the round 2 game between Grandmasters Hikaru Nakamura and Sam Shankland. White (Nakamura) has just recaptured with Rxe5. What is black’s (Sam Shankland’s) winning move?

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Black looks close to victory but white has one saving combination. White to move and mate in 7 (Giambattista Lolli – N.N., Italy 1763.)

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White to move and mate in 3 (A. Galitskiy, “Chess Journal”, 1900.) For added challenge, imagine that the players switch chairs (i.e. pawns moving in the opposite direction) and solve for mate in three again. Remarkable!

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White to move and mate in 7! (Edward Lasker vs. George Thomas, City of London Chess Club, 1912) “The following game I consider the most beautiful I ever played  … though it was not a tournament game and can, therefore, hardly be classed among the best games.” – Edward Lasker “A year later, Alekhine calledContinue reading “Betcha Can’t Solve This #Chess Puzzle! 16”