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Chris Torres is a nationally renowned scholastic chess coach working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His classes have attracted players of strengths ranging from rank beginners to world champions. A chess professional since 1998, Chris is widely recognized as one of the main driving forces behind the explosion in popularity and sudden rise in quality of scholastic chess in California. Chris Torres served as the President of the Torres Chess and Music Academy from 2005-2020 and currently is recognized as a correspondence chess master with the United States Chess Federation. Since 1998 Chris Torres has taught 6 individual national champions as well as lead multiple school teams to win national championship titles. In addition, Chris Torres has directed and taught at 10 different schools which have been California State Champions at chess. In 2011 and 2012, several former and current students of Chris Torres have been selected to represent the United States at the World Youth Chess Championships. Mr. Torres’ hobbies include playing classical guitar and getting his students to appear on the national top 100 chess rating lists.

1998 – 2000

Chess Coach,

Weibel Elementary School

During his first year as a chess coach, Chris Torres helped Weibel to win the state
championship and also coached his first state champion student.

2000 – 2005

Director of Instruction/Vice President,

Success Chess Schools

At Success Chess, Chris Torres designed curriculum for all levels of chess
players, trained over 50 instructors, established programs at 60 Bay Area
schools. Chris established a strong coaching reputation by training several
individual state champions each year.

2005 – 2020


Torres Chess and Music Academy

the Torres Chess and Music Academy, Chris Torres has brought world class
instruction to California’s most talented young chess minds. Some of his
accomplishments included running a “Chess Study” with the Kern County
Superintendent of the Schools and U.C. Berkeley from 2006-2008. In addition
to the study, Chris was able to educate the children in Kern County’s migrant
farm worker community in chess and even coach them to prestigious Southern
California regional chess titles. In the Bay Area, Chris was able to instruct
several individual National Chess Champions as well as coach for the Mission
San Jose Elementary School chess team, which in 2009, 2013, 2015 and 2017
took first place at the USCF National Elementary Chess Championship. Before
2009, no school from California had ever won the Elementary Championship
section at the USCF Nationals.  In 2015 and 2016, the Torres Chess and
Music Academy organized the Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls
and Boys which awarded over $100,000 in scholarships and prizes to the top
youth chess players in the United States. In 2016, the Torres Chess and Music
Academy accomplishments were officially recognized by FIDE (the world chess
organization) and the TCAMA was awarded the title of FIDE Academy.

Chess Titles


Correspondence Chess Master,

United States Chess Federation

Arena International Master,



·        Event Planning

·        Individualized Curriculum Development

·        Program Management

·        Tournament Game Analysis

·        Tournament Selection and Preparation

·        Using Chess for Building Confidence


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