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At DailyChessMusings.com we want to encourage everyone to play more chess. Here you will find the latest chess news, coverage of major chess events, game analysis, video lectures, tactical puzzles, endgame studies and numerous free resources for chess players of all ages and abilities. In addition, Daily Chess Musings offers a free after school chess club, free weekly tournaments, free online chess camps and multiple other opportunities to join a community of chess enthusiasts who enjoy the game and its culture. Finally, once you feel ready, we offer USCF rated online and correspondence events regularly for a small fee.

 Daily chess study and play is the best method to improve at chess. Make visiting DailyChessMusings.com part of your daily routine.

“I like that Daily Chess Musings provides educational chess information for everybody, regardless of skill level. My favorite episode of Master Chess Theater is Emory Tate’s Immortal Game. I also like the opportunities DCM provides for everybody who loves chess and wants to advance their game.”


Free Online Summer Camps 2023

June 12-16, July 17-21, & August 7-11
9:00 am until 3:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time

This internationally acclaimed summer chess camp will be held during the weeks of June 12-16, July 17-21 and August 7-11. Participants will spend five hours on chess activities per day from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time. All children will earn camp points by completing assignments and taking place in camp chess tournaments against other players in their skill level groups. At the end of the week, special prizes will be awarded to the top point earners in each skill level section. Each week will offer unique learning opportunities and any child who completes all three weeks of chess camp will also receive a special diploma to commemorate their achievement. There is no charge to register your child for these camps but please help us with better prepare by signing up as soon as possible. 

Free Weekly Chess Club

Always Occurring, tuition free

I am offering my award-winning lessons for free to any student or school who would like to learn more about chess through our weekly chess club. The Free Daily Musings Chess Club even includes prizes and free weekly unrated tournaments! Joining is easy at the link below and I encourage everyone to join the fun: https://dailychessmusings.com/chess-cub-registration/

As always, I am here to help. Please send any questions about our programs, events, tournaments or chess in general to DailyChessMusings@gmail.com

Thanks again for choosing chess.


Chris Torres

“I really like listening to the history of chess. I usually can’t find these facts anywhere else. It’s also amazing how Chris Torres managed to bring everyone closer together during these hard times through chess.”


“I really enjoyed the 2020 Winter Break camp. The daily tournaments, activities and speakers were very interesting. I learned how to calculate lines and evaluate positions from Tatev Abrahamyan; she showed a game where she had a queen vs. three pieces, i.e., knights and bishops. She helped us evaluate the position as winning for the queen but in some cases the two knights and bishop are better. I also got a chance to play opponents with different kinds of skills. Being part of this club allows me to play with opponents rated 1100 or above who have unique skills such as the ability to attack the king, which is something I need to work on.”

“I very much enjoy the “Checking Time” and “Master Chess Theatre” lessons. They are very informative and intriguing to listen to. The background information given before the videos are very interesting and it helps me remember the themes and the people playing the games. I feel like I have improved significantly since attending your Winter Break Chess Camp because of the grandmaster lessons as well as your videos.” Hiram

“I really like the Daily Chess Musings chess club’s events and community. Three years ago, in my freshman year of high school, I joined the school’s chess club, which was a nice club that was going out of interest with less than 4 members. However, inspired by the Daily Chess Musings club, I helped to reignite the love for chess in my school to build up the club to more than 30 members by offering more tournaments and lesson/discussions. So, I think that the best thing about the Daily Chess Musings chess club are the events and opportunities available.”


“[It has] various types of chess classes for all age groups and teaching lots of kids and people. This is really encouraging to me and I have learned a lot of this from Mr. Chris Torres. Mr. Chris Torres is not only arranging free chess classes but also awarding many kids for their efforts and willingness to learn chess and improve further. I really appreciate Mr. Chris Torres’s efforts and time, thank you very much.”