July Camp Points & Prizes

Hello Chess Players!

First place shirt + private lesson with Coach Torres + entry to pyramid 

Second place shirt + entry to pyramid 

Third place shirt

Fourth & Fifth place button

6-10 sticker

Absolute Beginners

1Isaiah Ndukubazaythundersmash8179
2Luca AeberhardLucaSwiss1381
3Mia Mooredot202156
4Srini KaSrini_Ka25
5Samuel Huangmehuman121
6Chris HuangFalconyChris3


1Jayden Ndukubajayndukuba210
2Philip TullisPhilipTullis77
3Ben BrennanLunaateacookie49
4Kaitlyn PhamCookieKiki46
5Jason YuanJyxz57543
6Heidi Brennanleafwinggoddess39
7Becky Brennanmaplewolf2437
8Eayon HsuEa218122
9Eadburt HsuEa2004518
10Solomon BreimhorstMakingMovesA1111
11Menna MohamedLavender_blu5
12Katherine LinKathiscool3
13Darren Chendarrenchen2


1Aahna Kaisthaknightingale0720241
2Vaibhav Kamepallivkamepalli137
3Henry Buckhanlinbuck127
4Matthew Tian16796572127
5Ian BelovChessMusher107
6Hilge Samuelson-LynnTotoroBoy68
7Deshna AnanthDeshna010161
8Teancum Whitchurchtjexdino55
9Dhyey PatelDhyeyNPatel54
10Noor Moughamiannoorjmoug30
11Aram SkopeSkopeAram29
12Siddharth AryavSiddyAryav26
13Lam VuBizarreOwl24
14Suhas KudithipudiAquatic_SK23
15Robin Subashrobin_subash18
16Tariq Cissetariqac16
17Aidan BellAidanDBell12
18Samuel ByunSam_oo123erf11
19Anvita KandregulaGeniusHuskies9
20Elijah BreimhorstMakingMoves3659
21Ishaan Gokhalesauchin1008
23Sophia Smith9SoccerStar93
24Brody DrawbaughChessH3r03
25Leo Linlepoisawesome2
26Ashmi GuptaChessfun5921
27Vyas ChariVYAS1


1Eden Friscokabibblet250
2Krish MathimaranKrishMathimaran158
3Ashwin MathimaranAshwinMathimaran145
4Troy TianMrEagerMcBeaver137
5Anirv Kudithipudianikud125
6Daniel TongSkuemr108
7Caleb Jaocaljao21596
8Emma DavisHiddenVacatin84
9Sirini Morasupergirrrrrl84
10Ousman Cissealphaous82
11Hyden Zhanghydenzhang39
12Christopher RuzickaChrisRuzicka29
13Kieran Chalkpred1c4ment28
14Justin ZhaoTopStrongGem23
15Gabe Pestkabrinthegamester0922
16Saswin MaheswaranSaswinmahesh9
17Jordan LaiCheese-1238
18Brayan Amayaroyalknight1016
19Shrey Arorashreyarora07114
20Jeffrey XiongJeffXiong20204
21Maddie Pestkakoollcat2


1Ethan Meichessfoe105405
2Micah HansenThunderousRage304
3Sebastien Meichessfor107293
4Phuc HoangPhucHoangVn238
5Benjamin ChamieProgrammer57beater208
6Srihan PasupulaSrihanP187
7Dhruv Karvajedkarva166
8Vivaan GargVivaan938156
9William CondronBluePeopleRE127
10Sarah DavisLushChild122
11Jin ShaoMiniLightBaboon117
12Edmund TsouCRpro1102
13Yogi PatelYoginpatel102
14Likhith Bomminenilikhith31101
15Justin Mathewannieg00160
16Henry KlassenHenryGKlassen44
17Patrick Wangpatrickwang733
18John HerreraGoodOrangeQueso30
19Sarat ChandrapatyLlyod200928
20Swanik Edulakantiswanike27
21Chaaruhaas Kandregulachaas217819
22Nathaniel Guopeanutpokerman15
23Amane KumamotoAmaneKitty11
24Pema McAlisterVibrantDiamond1008
25Darsh Rajaalertf7
26Jerryl TongXchraQeLymePi6
27Isaac Chan-OsbornPythGoram4
28Tara McAlisterQueenBunny14
29Eric LiEric12264


1Ayaansh KaisthaKoolking0727233
2Sophia HuangSophiafeifei0233
3William ChuiChess1William212
4Julian Majulian2468202
5Pahlychai Thaopthao2020197
6Rithwik Edulakantirithwike186
7Aaron LiuWerwer119177
8Darsh Maheshwarismjuniorgm170
9advait anandagm2920133
10Justin DuBeauMajin_Buu22118
11Darren PalmerFurbidfurball106
12Abirami Govindabirami.pse102
13yuchen zhouhupidou102
14Bode Li900USCFRated89
15Rehan Gallegergallege86
16Robyn NakhimovskyRobynoDude72
17Richard JimenezRichieTexas59
18Roshita KommarajuRedCharmingRoad58
19Shreeansh Bommojubshreeansh51
20Vamika Satishgentlelilac30
21Yang Yuracerbilchess22
22Conrad Grimmebronzelegs20
23Dann MerrimantheLittlePetey20
25Anthony Wanantwan35618
26Aakash PraveenJivashProdigy15
27Vineel Uppadavinupp97214
28Raghav MangudiPoochi113
29Aditya KanadeBishopSnipe94512
30Raghav Rameshrrrocks9
31Daniel MedvedDanielM80278
32FNU Diganthsooki20116
33Lyan Dmitrievdinogenius4
34Anna MillerAnnaEMiller4
35Shivam WaghSuperShivam4
36Inay velloreRapidflashlight4
37Noah Zhangnoahzhang3242
38Eli Songelite_mover2
39Lydia XiongXiongly1


If you are on this list it’s because we didn’t have all your information

1Kshitij GoyalBlabberboy2156
2Sam CIamsamthechessman66
3Mary MikitishBeauty 9,00064
4Gianna Mikitishnature 100063
5John Paul MikitishRunsfast1056
6Hari VasanthakumarHwinner40
7Lara AeberhardLaraSwiss1535
8Maria MikitishLovesdogs 100032
11xavier mikitishlovesoutside29
13Arya Kunisettyhydroheat22
18Amogh ChauhanCoolkid100816
21Karthik Subramanianwinnerkarthik0715

Correspondence Chess is Making News!

The Associated Press has a piece about the Daily Chess Musings Rated Correspondence Chess Pyramid. The article entitled, “Taking Time for Correspondence Chess in a Fast-Paced World” details the history of correspondence chess leading up to our US Chess rated correspondence chess tournament on chess.com.

Here is a screenshot of the feature article.

If you want to read the whole piece, here is the link: https://apnews.com/press-release/prodigy-news/lifestyle-sports-chess-0f72cc996d6dc3df3f008c1090b8ee93

The Daily Chess Musings Rated Correspondence Chess Pyramid is ongoing right now! To find out more information and sign up, please visit:


Lots of Chess Fun in August

Summer Vacation may be coming to a close, but we have a lot of fun activities in store for the final days of break. Coming up in just the next couple of weeks, we have the inaugural Daily Chess Musings Summer Games and our Free Online Summer Chess Camp for the month of August! The Daily Chess Musings Free Online Chess Camp will continue to meet on Wednesdays, and we will continue offering the Friday Frenzy Blitz Tournament, Super Saturday Swiss, and Sunday Beginner Brunch Tournaments every week!

The Summer Games have begun in Tokyo, and we are joining in the fun with our very own chess summer games August 2 – 6. See how your chess skills match up against other chess players in the Daily Chess Musings community. All the events are free, and we will be awarding some really awesome prizes to the top place finishers in every event. In addition, I will be live streaming all the events which include Rapid, Blitz, Bullet, Chess 960, and Bughouse on the Daily Chess Musings YouTube channel. Signing up is easy and more information is available at DailyChessMusings.com! So, sign up today, have fun and go for the gold!

Our Free Online Summer Chess Camps represent one of my proudest achievements as a chess educator.

Participants will earn points each day at camp by taking part in skill-appropriate classes, completing training tasks, and competing in fun camp chess matches against other chess students. During camp, the top point earners will win prizes, and all children who participate for the entire week will receive a camp certificate. Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome, however, those above the age of 21 are not eligible for rewards. Our final summer chess camp for 2021 will take place from August 9-13 and is tuition free. Signing up is easy at https://dailychessmusings.com/free-online-summer-camp-2021/

On a personal note, I will be representing Northern California as a delegate at the United States Chess Federation’s annual meeting on August 7th and 8th in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. If you are playing in this year’s US Open, please let me know so that we can meet up there. More importantly, if you have a concern or idea for US Chess that you would like me to mention to the USCF Board of Directors, please send it in an email to DailyChessMusings@gmail.com

Finally, with the new school year right around the corner, keep in mind that I will gladly arrange to help your school chess club either directly with a custom online chess club or indirectly by advising your chess club leaders in all aspects of club management. For more information on these services please visit https://dailychessmusings.com/free-online-chess-club/

And with that, I bid you adieu. Thanks for being a part of the Daily Chess Musings community and as FM James Eade likes to say, “If you are a part of a community, you are never alone.”

Chris Torres

Director of Daily Chess Musings

P.S. Speaking of James Eade, be sure to check out the last lesson we did together!

All Chess Masters Are Stoic

Not all stoics are chess players,

but all chess masters are stoic.

Knights who sacrifice themselves, contemplating truth,

baring their brains among the scholars of war.

Burning neurons like Tal’s cigarettes.


Listen to the whispering eyes in the room evaluate them.

Their positions busting along with their hearts.

Watch them!

Staring with disillusion at the board,

one last time,

before the swallowing of pride,

and tipping of a king.

Winning Chess Moves: Bronstein vs Geller, 1961

There have been many great chess players over the years, but only a small percentage of them manage to captivate the public imagination and receive considerable mainstream attention at any given time. David Bronstein never became a world champion, but there’s no denying that at the height of his career, he frequently captivated imaginations while defeating the world’s best. In today’s puzzle, David Bronstein is white against Efim Geller who has just played 19… Rxc3. What does Bronstein play as white?

White to move and mate in 3 from Bronstein – Geller, USSR Championship 1961.

My Quora Answer to: Is there a shortcut for becoming really good in chess?

Under the best of circumstances, becoming really good in chess is a serious endeavor that takes a considerable amount of time. Millions of individuals like playing chess, but only a few can master the game. What is the reason for this? Chess is, simply said, one of the most complicated games ever devised. Despite the enormous technological advancements that have made their way into the realm of chess over the years, mastering chess remains as elusive as it has always been. There is, however, a well known shortcut for becoming really good in chess.

Club Points Through June

Anyone who got more than 50 points will be getting a sticker. The top point earner will be getting a t-shirt as well.

Karthik Subramanianwinnerkarthik07@gmail.com318winnerkarthik07
Ethan Meirunner.ethanmei@gmail.com147
Rithwik Edulakantimadhu.edulakanti@gmail.com109Rithwike
Hiram Crossleyhiramcrossley@gmail.com80
Justin mathewjustin63007@gmail.com78
Chaaruhaas Kandregulachaas217865
Arushi Maheshwariarushi2718@gmail.com61
Michael Cankosyanmceltics21@gmail.com61
Lovekesh Guptalovekeshgupta333@gmail.com57
Phuc Hoangphuc.hoang@stu.jefferson.kyschools.us57PhucHoangVn
Roshita KommarajuSrijita459@gmail.com53
Charles T. Stevens, Sr.ctstevens@email.com52
Estella Meiestellamei3@gmail.com52
Jin Shaojqshao@hotmail.com50
Krithik Ravichandrenkrithik_r50
Eadburt hsuzengb07@yahoo.com50
Swanik Edulakantimadhu.edulakanti@gmail.com50swanike
Muchen Liumuchenliu1421@gmail.com50
John Smynameisjohnsmith1979@gmail.com39
Glynnton Buckleythebuckleysnyc@gmail.com33
Mauro Inojossaminojossa@gmail.com26
Hari Vasanthakumarvasanth.dev@gmail.com23
Arunabha Sahadiced_knights20
Jerryl TongXchraQeLymePi19
Michael Blanzymblanzy@hotmail.com18
Nivedh PanchalNivedhP17
Arya Kunisettyaryakunisetty@gmail.com16hydroheat
Vineel Uppadavinsummer2020@gmail.com16
Timofei Oshurkovoshurkovana@gmail.com15
Larry Jordanlarry7jordan@outlook.com14
Isaias Mateo Vasquez Rodriguezisaias.m.rod@gmail.com13
Akashh Ravi shankarmanju.duraiswamy@gmail.com12
Alex WRuralOne39@gmail.com12
Arnav Bhosalearnavbhosale112
Luke Haggart owlsnchess12
Anthony ElliottAnElliott10
Bode Lifebraspberry@hotmail.com10
Derek Wudwu2460@gmail.com10
Kunal taydetaydekunal108@gmail.com10
Caleb TaylorB1ad3z9
Dhyey Patelpatel.manini@gmail.com9
Thaarak Sriramthaarak.sriram@gmail.com9
Dann Merrimanjuanmerriman@gmail.com8
George WangPowerOfApawn8
Andrew Garciaadrianapekee@gmail.com7
Ben Walterlightningwarrior2000@gmail.com7
Kavin NarendrakumarKavinFunChess7
Leo Blummaria@gmail.com7
Micah Hauckmicah.hauck@chdacademy.org7Micah24
Nicole Linksynicolelinksy2@gmail.com6
Semyon Armavirskywinwin126
Adrien Howardadrienhoward33@gmail.com5
Anand Challasudhavalli@gmail.com5
Carlos Gomescarlosgomes7@outlook.com5
Jeff rittenhousejjrinvestments@aol.com5
Karthika Sakthkaavya123455
Kien dangkevindang2021@gmail.com5
Luke TaylorTimDuncanLT5
narendra kumarNinjaNithin5
Sarbani SenguptaSengupta175
Eden F.kabibblet4
Jack Bryantthebezperson4
Rocco Frellopotealessandro02@gmail.com4
Andrew DongAndrewluvches3
Anika Kaulanikakaul25@gmail.com3
Nambi Ssazhagianambi3
sja kksophie.pautrel@gmail.com1

Daily Chess Musings Summer Games Coming Next Month!

Greetings Chess Players and welcome to my Daily Chess Musing for Tuesday July 6th, 2021.

The pandemic has greatly curtailed opportunities to play in chess tournaments over the last year and a half. So we are giving all chess players an opportunity to compete and share their love for chess at a major online international chess event by playing in The Daily Chess Musings Summer Games.

Players from around the world will be participating in The Daily Chess Musings Summer Games and compete in daily chess events from August 2 through 5. The Daily Chess Musings Summer Games have no entry fee and winners will be awarded special prizes.

I am greatly looking forward to hosting these events and seeing all of you play. Until then, I am Chris Torres bidding you adieu. But before you go, make sure you like and subscribe.

Visit the Daily Chess Musings Chess Games page for more information and to register!


Greetings Chess Players. My name is Chris Torres and this is my daily chess musing for Sunday July 4, 2021.

For those of us in America, the Fourth of July is Independence Day.  But, since this is a chess musing, rather than talk about Uncle Sam I will be presenting a chess game played by Grandmaster Sam.

Sam Shankland is an American Grandmaster who grew up, like myself, in Northern California. In fact, he is five-time California State Chess Champion, won the U.S. Chess Championship in 2018 and has been awarded the medals while representing Team USA at two Chess Olympiads. But we aren’t going to look at those performances today. Instead, let’s look at a beautiful game GM Sam Shankland played on July 4th, 2013.

In early July of 2013, Sam Shankland was participating in the 41st World Open in Arlington, Virginia. Its large prize fund attracted a strong field of titled players. GM Sam Shankland was black in the fourth round against FM Taibur Rahman. And while Arlington is known to have an extravagant Fourth of July fireworks show, Shankland put on an amazing display of tactical pyrotechnics of his own with the black pieces. Explosive tactics and sparkling accuracy allowed GM Sam Shankland defeated his opponent in just 24 moves! Let’s see how he did it.

Play through the game HERE

My Quora Answer to: What is your favorite puzzle?

White to move and win (Mikhail Zinar, 1983).

Broadly speaking, a chess puzzle refers to a board situation where chess pieces and chess rules must be used to solve the puzzle. While game winning moves from actual play make up the majority of chess puzzles, some of the most challenging puzzles in chess have been composed as art rather than played in competition. Composed (not arising from actual chess games) chess puzzles are often referred to as problems. With each generation of composers stretching the boundaries of chess further, chess problems have become increasingly complex. 

My favorite chess puzzle is a problem composed by Mikhail Zinar which demonstrates the rare motif of under promoting to a bishop an incredible five times! 

Ukrainian chess composer Mikhail Zinar (5/9/1951 – 2/4/2021) chess studies are some of the most deliberately complex, unique chess compositions ever published. Many of his compositions were designed to stretch the limits of what is possible on the chessboard, not actually be solved by the human intellect. But that doesn’t mean some haven’t tried. In fact, Zinar has been called a favorite composer of World Champions because of his ability to show the greatest chess minds a narrow path to solve seemingly impossible chess tasks. 

The solution to this puzzle is a little difficult to understand without a thorough explanation. So, once you have exhausted your brain trying to solve the puzzle, I invite you to watch the video below for a brief demonstration of the astonishing solution. 


My Quora Answer to: What is the greatest known defeat of a chess icon or master via use of a “Grob” variation?

Joseph Norman Cotter (June 25, 1929 – May 23, 2021)

It is with great sadness that I am sharing the news that Joseph Norman Cotter passed away on May 23 at the age of 91. Mr. Cotter was a chess player, educator and friend whom I met during our shared adventures in the 2006 USCF Golden Knights correspondence chess tournament. During our game, Norman spoke highly of his son (who was also named Christopher) and we shared many stories about our families and common interests. Norman Cotter was a gentleman and a scholar (in fact a University Professor) who enjoyed intellectually challenging games. He was quite an accomplished chess player and I am saddened that I will never again be able to  share moves and stories with him. 

I offer my sincere condolences to the friend and family of Joseph Norman Cotter.

June Camp Points & Prizes

Hello Chess Players!

The points are done being calculated. We apologize that it took a bit longer, but we had an issue with the patches we ordered. So we found an alternative: We will be giving out T-Shirts, pins, and stickers instead. I will be sending an email out today about your shirt size. Please respond by Monday, July 5th. Please allow 2 weeks for prizes to arrive.

First place shirt + private lesson with Coach Torres + entry to pyramid 

Second place shirt + entry to pyramid 

Third place shirt

Fourth & Fifth place pin

6-10 sticker

Absolute Beginners

1Hinako Kashirochesshinako164
2Gage MooreWakko156
3Luca AeberhardSwissPower LucaSwiss13141
4Ansley LauHoneybear809129
5Tieu-Dao NguyenTieu-dao125
6Srini KaSrini_Ka94
7Thuy-Anh NguyenThuy-Anh72
8Lara Aeberhard71
9Ellie BaoEllie Bao61
10Harper LiHarperLi41
11Kiaan Kalanikiaankalani31
12oscar chanfreestars24
13Dominic LemonsDomE12514
14genie chanfreestars111


1Parry MooreYakko147
2Varunsai Anumothuvarunsai15143
3Ethan HoodWhatsup5814135
4Matthew Yin2matthewyin129
5Kaitlyn PhamCookieKiki76
6Kevin Jamkakevinchess00070
7Eli BostwickJahtick69
8Raphael Alamsjahbei110160
9Amelia WongSkyLetsFly53
10Myra GuptaMGupta1445
11Eadburt HsuEa2004530
12jeyavardhini vasantha kumarJVK0528
13Eayon HsuEa218126
14Arjun Aroraaroraarjun120812
15Yenthy Luongyenthy YenYen20215
16Isaiah ClarkMegaMan7x3
17Wonderful Worldwonderfulworld013


1Vaibhav Kamepallivkamepalli203
2Rommel Yambaodradicle177
3Sirini MoraSupergirrrrrl170
4Aahna Kaisthaknightingale0720166
5Pritish singhalPritish2014163
6Dhyey PatelDhyeyNPatel141
7Anirv Kudithipudianikud129
8Jayden PetersShellyshi1002121
9Ashi GuptaFunplaying123114
10Amurai Lauacl169110
11Abraham RodriguezHombreHumano2021108
12Akash MuthukumarTheChessMasterAkash100
13Adrian RodriguezOpi202199
14Daniel JacksonDeathACEo89
15Sai Nirmith IndukuriHiiHiiH83
16Suhas KudithipudiDHP83
17Marcus KnightMarco_on_Xfinity82
18Alex TripkovicGIMME_ELITER4K67
19Ian SutantoIansutanto63
20Noor Moughamiannoorjmoug61
21Ashmi GuptaChessfun59260
22Shivika Biswariglobalworld762442
23Shivam WaghSuperShivam41
24Stacey sutantoStaceysutanto40
25Melody YuMelodyYu38
26Evie ConleyEvieBug31
27Charan KodaruMegaWildBalloon29
28Demi ZhengdemigodZD29
29Avik Sahacrosserbishop27
30Alexander “Anders” WangOrca22226
31Ritwik Sahadiced_knights25
32James Rigbyj-man0022
33Andrew Lucero18out21
34Jacob ChanKellerJacob20
35Coco Wuicoco0918
36Lam VuBizarreOwl18
37Theo KungImaCookiee18
38Anthony WangCFox0217
39Caleb Kingjesicashenking17
40Logan Chrismancrfsucks16
41Justin LinMr_Kermit14
42Lovekesh Guptaclashindia14
43Robin Subashrobin_subash10
44Isabella JamkaBella032310
45Bridget Almeterbridgetalmeter8
46Arjun puttaguntaZynglord7
47Ian ManandharDdrraaggoonn kkoommooddoo7
48David Grigoriandavid_grigorian5
49Jessica KuoKatsuki Bakugou5
50Anne KuoAnnetheWatermelonz094
51Colin McGinleyredfox5554
52Danny Karthikeyandannykarthik4
53Luke Alamsjahkichoi1018124
54Aaron Zhaoimsoupersad3
55Raymond Eason IIIREASONIII3
56Nora Almeternalmeter2


1Ethan Meichessfoe105448
2Krish MathimaranKrishMathimaran278
3Khang Lekhang083 khang420252
4Sebastien Meichessfor107236
5Ashwin MathimaranAshwinMathimaran204
6Raju Wolfeeflownumber2201
7Alexander Brihnbryx8168
8Chase Ansonnaruto7272157
9William CondronBluePeopleRE142
10Grady BelcherEjepzenpjote1112127
11Alan Donnersmallwhiterabbit92
12Michael Jiamjia118787
13Liam McCuaigliammccuaig74
14Joel hoodmoderatlycompetative769
15Justin ZhaoTopStrongGem66
16Eli Rigbycipesi17361
17Brayan Amayaroyalknight10155
18Kaushal Veerankisubmemo43
19Kieran Chalkpred1c4ment43
20Raymond ChenZangetsu444440
21Mihir Kolpurufunnybunnymini funnybunnymini437
22Shrey Arorashreyarora071124
23Emily ByronsECB71618
24Chak BullChak13514
25Samhita KrishnanTheChessWarlock6
26Max LinMaxMB20212


1Jin ShaoMiniLightBaboon253
2advait anandagm2920240
3Michael CankosyanMichaelC546197
4Dhruv Karvajedkarva180
5Likhith Bomminenilikhith31171
6Vedanth SwaminathanVeda2608 veda3750157
7Sujana Rajesh Kumarsujanacheckmate2010136
8Yogi PatelYoginpatel135
9Vivaan GargVivaan938130
10Iori HasebeChouwaShogiChannel108
11Srihan PasupulaSrihanP94
12Swanik Edulakantiswanike75
13Vincent Krinerbirdexpert74
14John HerreraGoodOrangeQueso68
15Bhumi Murki1711263260
16Kevin CuiKevinCuiCT53
17Darsh Rajaalertf48
18Ishaan Ganigaraballboy94748
19Elshad PashazadehEDPM10147
20neev jainNeev_Jain46
21Jimmy Isaacscaptainpenguin08 chesscaptainpenguin0845
22Nathaniel Guopeanutpokerman26
23Derek Donnersendmarketing25
24Austin Trangryrules24
25Elijah MossElijahlittlemas22
26Pema McAlisterVibrantDiamond10021
27Nishanth MannemHarishwar718
28Tara McAlisterQueenBunny117
29Sathvik Jampaansathvikj16
30SrinikethPokemons97 Pokemondude12316
31Alex McCuaigAlexMcCuaig15
32Eric LiEric122615
33Sathvik JampanaWiseFearlessBeast15
34Srihari Anandheri kandadaiaksrihari14
35George ZhaoGeorge_zhao11
36Justin Mathewannieg00110
37Shreemayi Anandheri Kandadaiakshreemayi5
38Nishil Rajaninisilchess2


1Roshita KommarajuRedCharmingRoad225
2William ChuiChess1William204
3Phuc HoangPhucHoangVn201
4Ayaansh KaisthaKoolking0727186
5Bode Li900USCFRated172
6Darsh Maheshwarismjuniorgm138
7Rithwik Edulakantirithwike135
8Shreeansh Bommojubshreeansh126
9Anna MillerAnnaEMiller122
10Alden RigbyChekinNooget114
11Isabella Stubbinsstardiscovery114
12yuchen zhouhupidou111
13Rehan Gallegergallege103
14Hari VasanthakumarHwinner99
15Dominic Alamsjahnico092296
16Abirami Govindabirami.pse abirami_pse89
17Lydia XiongXiongly79
18Dann MerrimantheLittlePetey73
19Jithin KodaruMcnChess9971
20Carlos VarelaCarlitosFrancisco67
21Richard JimenezRichieTexas45
22Raghav Rameshrrrocks42
23Daniel MedvedDanielM802741
24Richard ZhaoKnightzyq39
25Vamika Satishgentlelilac39
26Aditya KanadeBishopSnipe94533
27Jason ZhangJasonbluesky201129
28Anthony Wanantwan35626
29Alice ZhaoSnowflake10222
30Eli Songelite_mover18
31Raghav MangudiPoochi117
32Avery ZhangAveryZhang201116
34Christian ZhangChristianZhang15
35Conrad Grimmebronzelegs15
36Sharvil KolhatkarChessEggHead15
37Isa Turpendebatequeen14
38FNU Diganthsooki201112
39Glynnton BuckleyBUCKLEYNYC9
40Inay velloreRapidflashlight7
41Kevin Fangkevin_2013037
42Ella MontanaEegr61 eegr65


If you are on this list it’s because we didn’t have all your information

Anthony Elliott AnElliott3
Arumugaraja Selvaraj55
Charles Stevens24
Dhruv Penumalladhruvpenumalla5
Eden F.kabibblet5
Evan Petri12
Kavin NarendrakumarKavinFunChess2
Krithik Ravichandrenkrithik_r25
Mauro Inojossa21
narendra kumarNinjaNithin4
Nivedh PanchalNivedhP17
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Betcha Can’t Solve This #Chess Puzzle! 58

When you think about it, our whole life is about solving puzzles. Chess problems are similar to life problems in that solving the puzzle requires careful thought and that through practice, we can improve our ability to quickly find the best solution. So enjoy our daily chess puzzles and smile knowing that by doing so you could be fine tuning your brain to respond to life’s dilemmas.

White to move and mate in 2 (Johan Axel Akerblom, 1926.)

#Chess Position Worth Sharing 135

Emmanuel Lasker offered the famous advice, “When you see a good move, look for a better one.” Today’s position easily lends itself to this exercise in chess thought. First, find the obvious good move. Then, try and find the best continuation.

Black to move and mate in 3 (source: https://www.reddit.com/r/chess/)

#Chess Position Worth Sharing 134

White to move and mate in 5 (from Yuri Averbakh vs. Alexander Kazimirovich Tolush, 1963).

White to move and mate in 5.

GM Yuri Averbakh is Checkmating Covid

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – AUGUST 29, 2017: Yuri Averbakh, a 95-year-old grandmaster, plays a chess match against four-year-old chess player Mikhail Osipov at Ostankino television centre. Sergei Bobylev/TASS

At age 99, Yuri Averbakh has spent the better part of of his life checkmating opponents but off the board, it appears that he used his famous chess stubbornness to checkmate COVID. Multiple sources have confirmed that the world’s oldest chess grandmaster has been released from a Moscow hospital to continue recovering from Covid-19 at home.

Yuri Averbakh was born on February 8, 1922 in Kaluga. Averbakh’s father was of German Jewish heritage and his mother was Russian and an Eastern Orthodox Christian which made Yuri an especially rare blend of religions and nationalities for the time period.

Yuri Averbakh’s first major tournament success didn’t come until the age of 27 when he took first place at the 1949 Moscow Chess Championship. Three years later, Averbakh earned the Grandmaster title. His greatest tournament triumph came in 1954 when Yuri won the USSR Chess Championship.

Perhaps Averbakh’s greatest contribution to chess is as a writer and endgame theorist. His many books on endgame theory are among the best ever written and his chess autobiography “Averbakh’s Selected Games” is a testament to his skill as a writer and a chess master.

As a chess player, Yuri Averbakh has always employed an ultra solid style that almost always blunts the attacks of more aggressive players. While not known as a swashbuckling chess player, Yuri is certainly capable of launching devastating attacks when the conditions are correct as seen in his 1947 victory over Vladimir Zak:

We at Daily Chess Musings wish Yuri Averbakh the best in his recovery and look forward to celebrating his 100th birthday with our chess community on February 8, 2022.

Tournament Report for The Eade Foundation’s Spring Scholastic Chess Classic

On May 22, The Eade Foundation Spring Scholastic Chess Classic took place online. This prestigious event attracted many of the top youth chess players from around the United States and Canada. The tournament which was organized by Chris Torres of https://dailychessmusings.com and directed by Jay Stallings of https://chesshootz.com was a well-run 5 round rapid play event where children were broken up into 4 different grade level sections. All the rounds started on time and as soon as games finished, Chris and Jay were analyzing them during the live YouTube broadcast. In addition, all the games were analyzed using sophisticated FairPlay methods to ensure the integrity of the results.

The Eade Foundation’s Spring Scholastic Chess Classic kicked off with a message on the importance of building a chess community from FIDE Master James Eade. The Eade Foundation’s ideals were epitomized by the scholastic chess players who spent their day demonstrating chess literacy and chess excellence. Of course, certain competitors earned the distinction of being crowned the champions of this first of its kind chess tournament and they are: Ariv Debmisra (K-1), Aaron Reeve Mendes (2-5), Ankita Jain (6-8), & Arnav Kapadia (9-12). In addition to the section champions, (list runners up) also deserve recognition for their performance in this prestigious online youth chess tournament.

For more information on The Eade Foundation, please visit https://eadefoundation.org.

 For more information on The Eade Foundation, please visit: https://eadefoundation.org.

Below are the Final Standings of the 2021 Eade Foundation Spring Scholastic Chess Classic and some examples of the outstanding play exhibited during this prestigious youth chess event.



#NameAge<GenderScoreTie.Init. rtg.New rating
Gold1Ariv Debmisra

5141050996 (5/20)
Silver2Johnson Weng

415new841 (5/20)
Bronze3Andrew Chang

4111068796 (5/20)

4Winston Chen

317500696 (5/20)

5Vedant Basu Acharya

316new686 (5/20)

6Pritish Singhal7Male314new671 (5/20)

7Raymond Ouyang7Male312742651 (5/20)

8Matthew Chao

39new764 (4/20)

9Evelyn Hsing

39770616 (5/20)

10Kiyomi Yuk

39new557 (4/20)

11Sayan Mukhopadhyay

214400516 (5/20)

12Peter Wardlow

212382491 (5/20)

13Eric Liu

211new382 (4/20)

14Sai Chandhuru Vijay Regunathan

28new451 (5/20)

15Asher Yu

114445351 (5/20)

16Dharsh Patibandla

113333341 (5/20)

17Joshua Goldberg6Male112400336 (5/20)

18Talia Pogue-Jewell

111165336 (5/20)

19Dann Merriman

01728101 (1/20)

20Siva Kolli

005010 (0/20)


#NameAge<GenderScoreTie.Init. rtg.New rating
Gold1Aaron Reeve Mendes

514½18061547 (11/20)
Silver2Anusha Mukhopadhyay

41810401312 (5/20)
Bronze3Sophia Huang

4128751041 (5/20)

4Rohan Menon

16½9021217 (5/20)

5Alice Wang

13½new1023 (5/20)

6Sam Carpenter

316994974 (17/20)

7Manu Varma Vegisana11Male315950916 (5/20)

8Sai Nirmith Indukuri

312½9001060 (5/20)

9Trent Padilla

312800918 (5/20)

10Cole Pogue-Jewell

311638886 (5/20)

11Eden Skye

37501017 (4/20)

12Shreeansh Bommoju

215900930 (5/20)

13Devansh Alwa

213623763 (5/20)

14Kendrick Qu9Male212½443731 (5/20)

15Aaron Wu

211½6771047 (4/20)

16Holden Scheff

210½390731 (5/20)

17Havish Arun

29new716 (5/20)

18Shaun R McGrath

29new686 (5/20)

19George You

26new644 (3/20)

20Aditi Deorukhkar

110195546 (5/20)

21Lucas Moras

110new411 (4/20)

22Asher Georgy

19new399 (4/20)

23Khaushal Ragavan

13new436 (1/20)

24Joshua Huang

04900386 (2/20)

25Varun A Ganesh

03new461 (1/20)


#NameAge<GenderScoreTie.Init. rtg.New rating
Gold1Ankita Jain

1612001364 (5/20)
Silver2Ansh Batra

15½13001354 (5/20)
Bronze3Johannes Chow

41615901284 (5/20)

4Phuc Hoang14
412new1244 (5/20)

5Kaelyn Dasovich15Female14½11861189 (5/20)

6Devin Kozakis

127591184 (5/20)

7Sydney Zhang14Male316½15001129 (5/20)

8Caden Guo

315½9001109 (5/20)

9Sebastian Henriksson

31410001109 (5/20)

10Sanjay Reddy

312½11011089 (5/20)

11Siddharth Sivakumar

311½new1074 (5/20)

12Hardik Alwa

214½892949 (5/20)

13Javi Nashat

213½800959 (5/20)

14Cody Satinsky11Male213½1100934 (5/20)

15Dev Patel

213900944 (5/20)

16Jericho Suarez

211½new822 (4/20)

17Vishnu Vijayachandran14Male210½1350909 (5/20)

18Gauri Deorukhkar

2384914 (5/20)

19Vivaan Garg

28new778 (4/20)

20Nicolo Wolfson

1308754 (5/20)

21Joseph Miao

191000584 (4/20)

22Hamilton Qinrun Zhang

13new634 (1/20)

23Neel Deshpande

½new784 (2/20)

24Taedus Nguyen

½500759 (2/20)

25Sebastien Mei

0new659 (1/20)

26Soham Khan

02new584 (1/20)

27Ethan R Mei

021400584 (1/20)


#NameAge<GenderScoreTie.Init. rtg.New rating
Gold1Arnav Kapadia

41410001317 (5/20)
Silver2Matthew Hsin-De Tran

41211001307 (5/20)
Bronze3Sofia Doroshenko

1310021237 (5/20)

4Jackson Bennett

31715001187 (5/20)

5Jeevan Dhanota15Male3114591122 (5/20)

6Jake Ebersole

14new1077 (5/20)

7Adam Kremer

2111200962 (5/20)

8Kabir Zaman

21000945 (3/20)

9Ojas Agarwal

1121500812 (4/20)

10Cedrick Garcia

11256937 (3/20)

11Rihan Podder

17600637 (3/20)

The Golden Ticket for an Iconic Summer Chess Experience

Greetings Chess Players. My name is Chris Torres and this is my daily chess musing for Saturday, June 12, 2021.

Yesterday, I saw advertisements for ten or so summer chess camps just by perusing through my Facebook feed. Of course, every chess camp claimed to be great, but in reality, very few can prove to be iconic. 

For over twenty years, my summer chess camps have taught tens-of-thousands of young people chess and many have gone onto to become chess masters, national champions and even greater achievements. Rest assured though, I put out my best effort for every child who comes to learn. This is why my summer chess camps are truly iconic. 

Consider the 2021 Daily Chess Musings Free Online Summer Chess Camp to be your golden ticket. I have already done much of the hard work on your behalf, and now all you have to do is sign up your child and give it your best effort. All ages and skill levels are welcome. 

The Daily Chess Musings Free Online Summer Chess Camp will be held during the weeks of June 14-18, July 12-16 and August 9-13 Participants will spend two and a half hours on chess activities per day from 12:30 pm until 3:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time. 

Cash in your golden ticket today by signing up for this iconic and free summer chess camp!

See you at chess camp

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