Congrats to the Winners of the June Free Online Summer Chess Camp

It is my pleasure to announce the Grand Prize winners for the June edition of the DCM Free Online Summer Chess Camp 2023. Hours of work and dedication definitely improved their chess and that is an awesome award in itself.  Additionally, the top point earners will receive an autographed copy of GM Vinay Bhat’s new book, How I Became a Chess Grandmaster. I’ll be sending the winners an email soon to work out the logistic but for now, I simply would like to say congratulations! We’re lucky to have you as part of the Daily Chess Musings community.
If you did not quite earn enough points to win the Grand Prize in the June edition of the Free Online Summer Chess Camp I have good news for you. It’s almost time for the July Chess Camp. Be sure to sign up here, try your best and who knows, you might win yourself an autographed copy of Vinay’s book.

First Place Winners

Participant’s First & Last NameSkill LevelTotal
Juliana Yakoub1 Absolute Beginner52
Aadit Chandrakar3 Intermediate299
Shreeansh Bommoju6 Tournament337

Second & Third Place Winners

Participant’s First & Last NameSkill LevelTotalChess.com
Mark Yakoub2 Beginner23marktheshark
Charis Eze2 Beginner20chrri32
Gautam Krishna Muthukumar4 Advanced204GG-Nerd
Alina Podobedova4 Advanced147Alina
Anjana Thottimpudi5 Experienced212Moonshot27
Nicholas Bao5 Experienced175copperapril
Elvin Pio5 Experienced175MASTER_ELVIN

Point Totals

Participant’s First & Last NameSkill LevelTotal
Juliana Yakoub1 Absolute Beginner52
Mark Yakoub2 Beginner23
Charis Eze2 Beginner20
Yoel Eze2 Beginner0
Doxa Eze2 Beginner0
Tanvi Dondapati2 Beginner0
Yazhnila balakrishnen2 Beginner0
Aadit Chandrakar3 Intermediate299
Somangshu Karmakar3 Intermediate0
Vishwa Ramkumar3 Intermediate0
Eayon Hsu3 Intermediate0
Eadburt Hsu3 Intermediate0
Shivam Deulkar3 Intermediate4.5
Om Deulkar3 Intermediate5
Nilan Balakrishnen3 Intermediate0
Brian Dai3 Intermediate0
Tyler Mariano3 Intermediate42
Carter Mariano3 Intermediate40
Andrew Navinkov3 Intermediate336.5
Barrett Curtis4 Advanced0
Zak Kori4 Advanced41
Alina Podobedova4 Advanced147
Gautam Krishna Muthukumar4 Advanced204
Teddy Canter5 Experienced142
Anirudh Iyer5 Experienced151.5
Aarush Iyer5 Experienced0
Arjunsai Navaneetha Prabhu5 Experienced147.5
Anjana Thottimpudi5 Experienced212
Rishi B5 Experienced0
Elvin Pio5 Experienced175
Nicholas Bao5 Experienced175
Isaac Leeper6 Tournament129
Raghav Mangudi6 Tournament19
Dhruv Rajan6 Tournament0
shreeansh bommoju6 Tournament337
Richard Jimenez6 Tournament0

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Chris Torres is a nationally renowned scholastic chess coach working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His classes have attracted players of strengths ranging from rank beginners to world champions. A chess professional since 1998, Chris is widely recognized as one of the main driving forces behind the explosion in popularity and sudden rise in quality of scholastic chess in California. Chris Torres served as the President of the Torres Chess and Music Academy from 2005-2020 and currently is recognized as a correspondence chess master with the United States Chess Federation. Since 1998 Chris Torres has taught 6 individual national champions as well as led multiple school teams to win national championship titles. In addition, Chris Torres has directed and taught at 10 different schools which have been California State Champions at chess. In 2011 and 2012, several former and current students of Chris Torres have been selected to represent the United States at the World Youth Chess Championships. Mr. Torres’ hobbies include playing classical guitar and getting his students to appear on the national top 100 chess rating lists.

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