Events Calendar


I have this schedule up so you can know what I am planning. I will do my best to keep to it, but sometime I will miss week or be late posting a video. I am still recovering form a long term illness and my health occasionally takes priority.

Coach Chris 


Every Monday join me for Analyze That! where I will analyze games that students have sent in during the week. Email me your games and (Here’s how) by the end of Saturday each week and on Monday I will be analyzing the best ones.

Send games to analyzethatdcm@gmail.com


Every Friday at 5pm Pacific Time we will have a Friday Frenzy blitz tournament on Chess.com.


Every Saturday at 11am Pacific Time we will have a Super Saturday Swiss tournament on Chess.com


Pay attention to the calendar because we will be announcing when our next video will be posted. We will also be announcing any special events, like camps, clubs, and live classes.

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