Saturday Night Blitz with Coach Chris (CoachTortoise)

Greetings Chess Players, 

There was a small technological snafu so I will not be live streaming our blitz games this evening. However, I will still be on at 7:00 pm to play live chess against members of the Daily Chess Musings Club. To make it easier for me to set up our matches, please friend CoachTortoise on and then message me if you want to play. I will send you a game challenge in the order I receive your messages and play blitz against one person at a time. To watch my games, click the “watch” button on, then click friends then click on CoachTortoise. 

See you tonight,

Coach Chris 

#Chess Position Worth Sharing 119

Today’s position is from the game between Robert James Fischer (White) and Lhamsuren Myagmarsuren (Black) played at the Sousse Interzonal on 10/15/1967. Black has just played 29… dxc2. What does Bobby Fischer play as white?

What is white’s best move?

Free Online Summer Chess Camp Winners

We will be emailing winners in the top 3 about their FREE private lesson. All winners will have their prizes mailed by August 15th.

Top Three


Top in Group

C2Sourish KavaleSourish_Kavale364
E3AstridFlores RodríguezAstrox04379
F1Visant prajanSankaranarayananvisant040810362
F3Sparsh Ghodakesparshg305
G3Sai HarshilKonchadachessstriker23334
J1LauZheng HueZhengHue356
K2Rohit SaiChakkiralarohitsaich200

#Chess Position Worth Sharing 118!

Today’s position is from GM Gata Kamsky vs GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov , World Cup 2013. Mamedyarov (Black) just played 29… Kh6. What did Kamsky (White) play for move 30?

What does white play?

#Chess Positions Worth Sharing! 117

Tonight’s puzzle comes from Hikaru Nakamura vs. Robert Lee Hess, 2012 US Championship in St Louis. GM Robert Hess has just played move 30… Kh8. What did GM Nakamura play for white’s 31st move?

What is white’s best move?

Essential Checkmates

This video teaches how to complete three kinds of checkmates:

The “Rolling Rook” or two rook checkmate

The King & Queen checkmate

The Rook & King checkmate

Special thanks to my daughter Rosaleia for manning the demo board

If you have any questions about this lessons please email me at:

Greetings Chess Players!

My name is Chris Torres and I am so excited to welcome you to Daily Chess Musings free online Summer Chess camp! Together we are going to have an incredible time and I can hardly wait to share my favorite chess lessons, analyze your games, play chess, award prizes, and learn with you all week on,, and Meeting new friends, greeting old friends, and having fun while improving at chess is the plan for the week. As we explore the game of chess, we will discover that no matter who we are or where we are from, we all share a common love for the Royal game.

Whether you are a returning student or this is your first adventure with me, I know you will learn new skills and greater appreciate the beauty of chess. Before you start your chess adventure, here are a few helpful hints about what to expect for this amazing week, and of course there will be a few chess related surprises to enjoy as well.

First, go to the Daily Chess Musings YouTube Page  at 12:30 pm each day to watch our daily meeting. Upon arrival you should make sure you are subscribed to the channel and that your notifications are turned so you do not miss any important updates, new material or live broadcasts.

Next, you will go to to view your daily assignments in your assigned group (A-N). All groups will start each day with a quick lesson and a quiz followed by some game time on For each correct answer on the quiz you will receive 1 point.

When you login to, make sure you are a member of the Daily Chess Musings Club. Be sure you go to enter the daily group tournament. The round starts at 1:00, so make sure you click the link that is included in your daily assignment before then or you will not be paired for that round. If you win your tournament game you will receive 15 points, a draw will count for 10 and a loss will still earn you 5 points. Any games you play outside of the tournament rounds that have a time increment of 15 or more minutes with a zero second delay will get you 1 bonus point until the end of July. Just fill out the Google Form before Monday and let us know how many games you played.

If you played a game that you are proud of, had a question about, or would like me to analyze then you can share your game with me by emailing it to If you do not know how to email your game see the blog post with a video here.

As soon as you finish your tournament game, return to and view your group do your next scheduled assignment, to find a chess problem set to work on, or finish any previous assignments. You will earn one additional point per chess problem answered correctly. While you are working on your assignments, I will be available for questions. I will also be analyzing your chess games in search of interesting student games to feature during and after our camp. If your game is featured on our YouTube channel or DailyChessMusings blog you will be rewarded with 25 additional points!

At the end of the week we will total all the points you earned at camp to determine the winners for each group. So concentrate hard during your lessons, games and problem sets so you can get ahead in the point race. We will go Live on Wednesday 8/1 to announce all the winners.

REMEMBER: Each day at 12:30 pm PDT, I will go live on YouTube, where I will make daily announcements. During the day I may go live as well to make important announcement about any changes to the itinerary so it is very important that everyone is subscribed to our YouTube channel with the notification bell turned on. 

Finally, if you have concerns, questions or curiosities during the camp please feel free to email me at

And now… Go to, find your group itinerary and get started!

How to Share your Games From

If you played a game that you are proud of, had a question about, or would like me to analyze then you can share your game with me by emailing it to If you do not know how to email your game watch the video below.

I know it says to mail it to in the video, but I was getting so many games I decided to make a separate email just for getting your games. Keep playing!

First Log In

Go to Play

At the bottom select Archive

Click on the game you want to send

On the bottom right there is a row of icons

Either click on Download, copy the game, and paste it into an email


Click share and copy the link at the top into an email