CalChess Journal Fall 2022

The Fall 2022 issue of the CalChess Journal is a whopping 33 pages filled with California chess news, Bay Area chess results and annotated games from NorCal chess players. 

The CalChess Journal Spring/Summer 2022

The CalChess Journal is the official news magazine for Northern California chess.  In the Spring/Summer issue you can read about the most important California chess events of the last several months and see the games of Norcal chess’ top players. Special thanks to Bay Area Chess, The Berkeley Chess School, The Eade Foundation, Mission 360,Continue reading “The CalChess Journal Spring/Summer 2022”

Francisco Friday for 6/10/2022

When it comes to attacking in chess, the stronger, the faster and the more difficult to deal with, the better. In today’s game, attacking maestro Francisco Anchondo uses a well conducted early pawn storm to penetrate his opponent’s defenses with brute force. [Event “Casual Blitz game”] [Date “2022.03.12”] [White “Anonymous”] [Black “Francisco Anchondo”] [Result “0-1”]Continue reading “Francisco Friday for 6/10/2022”

Girls K-12 CalChess State Championship 2022

A friendly reminder that the 2022 Girls Calchess State Championship is this Saturday (June 4th). The Berkeley Chess School does a wonderful job organizing this prestigious event and I highly recommend that all the young ladies in the Northern California chess community consider attending. All participants will be broken into sections by school grade: Kindergarten-3rdContinue reading “Girls K-12 CalChess State Championship 2022”

More Opportunities for young chess players in Northern California 

Greetings! I’m Chris Torres, the Scholastic Coordinator for CalChess and I have some exciting news for Northern California’s scholastic chess community.  Perhaps you’ve seen some of the Super State coverage on DailyChessMusings.com and thought it looked like a fun event. Maybe you attended the tournament but did not quite place high enough for a trophy.Continue reading “More Opportunities for young chess players in Northern California “

2022 CalChess Super State Championships Day 1

Sat, March 19 – Sun, March 20 K-5 On March 19th and 20th, hundreds of talented children between kindergarten and the fifth grade are competing in Santa Clara, California at the 47th annual CalChess Scholastic Championship (aka The CalChess Super States) for the title of Northern California State Champion. In the coming days I willContinue reading “2022 CalChess Super State Championships Day 1”

2022 CalChess Super State Championships Day 2

Sat, March 19 – Sun, March 20 K-5 Day 2 of the 2022 CalChess K-5 Super State Championship was a special day for California chess. The drama of the final round battles were spectacular and I will be posting plenty of these well played chess games during the next several days. For now, please enjoyContinue reading “2022 CalChess Super State Championships Day 2”