So I was just playing a game of #chess and then this happened! 38

What is white’s best move?

Learning Chess The “Right Way” Has Never Been Easier!

I am in a unique situation as a chess coach due to my proximity to Silicon Valley. The average parents of my chess students are highly skilled professionals, including Ph.D.s and college professors, doctors, attorneys, physicists , CEOs, and of course computer engineers. These parents tend to be very involved in their child’s chess developmentContinue reading “Learning Chess The “Right Way” Has Never Been Easier!”

So I was just playing a game of #chess and then this happened… 12

What’s the simple tactic white can use to decimate his opponent? Get a free introductory lesson ($40 value) when you work with Chris Torres on Wyzant. Claim your free lesson today by clicking this link: https://is.gd/u5bIVd

Fremont Summer Chess Camp 2011: Day 2

The second day of the Fremont Summer Chess Camp was equally as successful as day one. Our beginner class, coached by Tans Hylkema, has already learned the most important opening, middle game and end game concepts. Tomorrow they will continue to work on spotting check mates and improving their tactics.    Below is an excitingContinue reading “Fremont Summer Chess Camp 2011: Day 2”

Chess Quads for Children

A children’s chess quad run by the Torres Chess and Music Academy is the ideal way for new chess players to begin playing in tournaments. Children are separated into groups of four based on rating and age so that each quad tournament represents the closest chess experience grouping possible. This structure assures that all threeContinue reading “Chess Quads for Children”