Mission San Jose Elementary Takes Chess to a New Level

Mission San Jose Elementary School in Fremont, California has, for decades, fielded the most successful chess teams the Golden State has ever produced. Year after year, the relatively small public school’s chess club trains hundreds of students in the art of aggressive chess play. Those who excel at the club are invited to participate in the more exclusive MondayContinue reading “Mission San Jose Elementary Takes Chess to a New Level”

Calchess State Grade Level Championship: Round 1

Early results from round 1 of the Calchess Grade Level Championship are arriving. Most of my students were paired with lower rated opponents and had an easy time of it. Below are two nice wins from my students: [Event “Calchess State Grade Level Championship”] [Site “Stockton”] [Date “2010.12.04“] [Round “1”] [White “Matthew, Kate”] [Black “Liu,Continue reading “Calchess State Grade Level Championship: Round 1”

Fremont Summer Chess Camp 2010: Day One

Forty children signed up for the first week of our annual chess camp in Fremont. Participants were attracted by the affordable price, world-class chess instruction and comfortable location. Ojas Arun had a particularly good first day at the Mission San Jose Elementary Chess Camp. Ojas managed to beat his coach (Chris Torres) while Chris was eating lunch. After lunch Ojas went onContinue reading “Fremont Summer Chess Camp 2010: Day One”

Chess Quads for Children

A children’s chess quad run by the Torres Chess and Music Academy is the ideal way for new chess players to begin playing in tournaments. Children are separated into groups of four based on rating and age so that each quad tournament represents the closest chess experience grouping possible. This structure assures that all threeContinue reading “Chess Quads for Children”