New Year’s Message to All of our students, ju

I wish to welcome all of you to a brand-new year. I genuinely hope that this past holiday season has been restful, safe and full of joy for your family. I understand, of course, that many of us are still shaking off the challenges of 2020, but I also hope that you recognize the importantContinue reading “New Year’s Message to All of our students, ju”

Daily Chess Musings Free Online Summer Camp Rankings: 2020

You can use the search function to search for your name or for your Chess.com Handle. I did not have the names and handles for everyone matched up. If you cannot find your name or Chess.com ID, please email me. dailychessmusings@gmail.com We will leave this up until Friday, August 28. Pawn (8 to 15 points):Continue reading “Daily Chess Musings Free Online Summer Camp Rankings: 2020”

5 ways chess can make you a better law student and lawyer

Paul Morphy was a 19th-century New Orleans chess prodigy who was the de facto world chess champion during much of his short life. He rarely lost when he played throughout Europe and the United States. He was also a lawyer who graduated from what is now Tulane Law School. As a student, he was saidContinue reading “5 ways chess can make you a better law student and lawyer”

Learning Chess The “Right Way” Has Never Been Easier!

I am in a unique situation as a chess coach due to my proximity to Silicon Valley. The average parents of my chess students are highly skilled professionals, including Ph.D.s and college professors, doctors, attorneys, physicists , CEOs, and of course computer engineers. These parents tend to be very involved in their child’s chess developmentContinue reading “Learning Chess The “Right Way” Has Never Been Easier!”

Re: An Open Letter to Mr. Albert Garibaldi

Four years have elapsed since I penned an open letter to Banta Elementary School District Superintendent Albert Garibaldi questioning his decision to intentionally undermine the success of his district’s first charter school. At the time, Mr. Garibaldi was attempting to destroy a thriving charter school seemingly in order to get a larger piece of theContinue reading “Re: An Open Letter to Mr. Albert Garibaldi”

Ask A Kid: Chess And Management For Non-Chess Players 

From The Huffington Post: Can you imagine a 10 year old, looking through billions of possibilities to come up with the exact 4-5 scenarios of crucial decision making? It certainly seems to be taken from a movie set in the future or it can very well be the case of an IT engineer analyzing petabytesContinue reading “Ask A Kid: Chess And Management For Non-Chess Players “

County Board committee approves amendment providing $20K for “Chess in the Parks” program

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Board’s Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee has approved a budget amendment providing $20,000 for continuation of the highly successful “Chess in the Parks” program sponsored by Supervisor Martin Weddle…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1SdWawW

Efficacy of chess training for the treatment of ADHD: A prospective, open label study.

   OBJECTIVE: To examine the effectiveness of playing chess as a treatment option for children with ADHD. METHODS: Parents of 44 children ages 6 to 17 with a primary diagnosis of ADHD consented to take part in the study…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1HcSncP

Spanish schools have introduced chess class to boost math learning

Eleven-year-old Alvaro Pineda has played chess at home since he was five. Now he plays it in the classroom too.In an effort to boost their pupils’ low math and reading marks, more and more Spanish schools are holding chess clubs – and some could even make it a compulsory class…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1MZTWRU