Preparing Youth Chess Players for the State Scholastic Championships

March and April are traditionally the months that State Chess Organizations hold their Scholastic State Championships sometimes referred to as “Super States.” So it is, every year around this time, I receive lots of questions about the best way to prepare a young chess player for the Scholastic State Championships. Most of my students whoContinue reading “Preparing Youth Chess Players for the State Scholastic Championships”

Chris Torres Offers Online Chess Lessons

and would love to help your child play better chess now! Reasons to try an Online Lesson with Chris: 1.  Follow up to in-person chess lessons to check on your child’s understanding. 2.  Live too far away to come often for private instruction. 3.  Preparing for a major tournament with a coach who has taughtContinue reading “Chris Torres Offers Online Chess Lessons”

Fremont Summer Chess Camp: Week 4

Below are photographs of my favorite moments from week four of the Fremont Summer Chess Camp. I wish to thank all of our students, coaches, Steve and Kate’s Camps,  the Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund and Grandmaster Susan Polgar. It takes a lot of great people to make the Fremont Summer Chess Camp asContinue reading “Fremont Summer Chess Camp: Week 4”

Oops She Did It Again!

  To most fans of college athletics, a coach fails unless he/she wins it all every time. To Susan Polgar, the head coach of Webster University’s Chess Team, success and failure are connected like cause and effect. Still, her unique philosophy on coaching chess has allowed her to set a record that even the harshestContinue reading “Oops She Did It Again!”

Susan Polgar Explains Her Coaching Philosophy

Susan Polgar is, in my humble opinion, the best chess coach in the United States. Her achievement of coaching two different division 1 colleges to National Chess Championships on several occasions speaks volumes as to her abilities. I believe Susan’s coaching philosophy should prove useful for coaches of any discipline. Obtained from http://susanpolgar.blogspot.com/2014/04/my-coaching-philo<a href="http://susanpolgar.blogspot.com/2014/04/my-coaching-philosophy.html?m=1 ManyContinue reading “Susan Polgar Explains Her Coaching Philosophy”

The Torres Chess and Music Academy Has Big Plans for Fremont

The President of the TCAMA reports on an upcoming Open House Event in Northern California. Fremont, California (PRWEB) October 22, 2013 On November 2, 2013, the Torres Chess and Music Academy will be having its annual Open House in Fremont, California. The TCAMA Open House allows children the opportunity to take part in an afternoonContinue reading “The Torres Chess and Music Academy Has Big Plans for Fremont”

Bay Area Chess News

Chess Academy Poised to Bring a National Championship Approach to Bay Area Schools The President of the Torres Chess and Music Academy reports on his quest to bring the best chess instruction to schools in Northern California. For the first time in nearly five years, the Torres Chess and Music Academy is looking to expandContinue reading “Bay Area Chess News”