Bughouse Chess and Music

Besides myself, there are several other accomplished musicians who have a real gift for teaching chess. Many of these multi-talented individuals already work for the Torres Chess and Music Academy. One who does not yet work with us but I am definitely keeping an eye on is Nephtali Diaz. Mr Diaz is “Houston’s only chessContinue reading “Bughouse Chess and Music”

Eight Year Old Wins Big in Las Vegas

Torres Chess & Music Academy, Inc. 16691 Colonial TrailLathrop, CAPhone (661) 699-8348 Chesslessons@aol.com Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 31, 2012 Eight Year Old Wins Big in Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada, December 26-30, 2012)When Ben Rood walks through a casino in Las Vegas it isn’t to win money on the Craps Tables but insteadContinue reading “Eight Year Old Wins Big in Las Vegas”