What You Need to Know About Our Chess Clubs

Watch the Livestream Here 1.) Requirements  a.) Sign up at DailyChessMusings.com b.) Join Chess.com Membership is free, but we need to know your user name so we can keep track of who is in the tournaments. c.) Join the Daily Chess Musings Club After you join Chess.com, go here and join our club. This letsContinue reading “What You Need to Know About Our Chess Clubs”

Saturday Night Blitz with Coach Chris (CoachTortoise)

Greetings Chess Players,  There was a small technological snafu so I will not be live streaming our blitz games this evening. However, I will still be on chess.com at 7:00 pm to play live chess against members of the Daily Chess Musings Club. To make it easier for me to set up our matches, please friend CoachTortoiseContinue reading “Saturday Night Blitz with Coach Chris (CoachTortoise)”

Free Online Summer Chess Camp Winners

We will be emailing winners in the top 3 about their FREE private lesson. All winners will have their prizes mailed by August 15th. Top Three 1 Marcel Podraza Marcel0707 658 2 Shubham Waldiya TheAwesomeOnes 589 3 Ethan Li CloudyCute 474 Top in Group A1 Shubham Waldiya TheAwesomeOnes 589 A2 Brayan Amaya royalknight101 365 A3Continue reading “Free Online Summer Chess Camp Winners”

Essential Checkmates

This video teaches how to complete three kinds of checkmates: The “Rolling Rook” or two rook checkmate The King & Queen checkmate The Rook & King checkmate Special thanks to my daughter Rosaleia for manning the demo board If you have any questions about this lessons please email me at: dailychessmusings@gmail.com

How to Share your Games From Chess.com

If you played a game that you are proud of, had a question about, or would like me to analyze then you can share your game with me by emailing it to analyzethatdcm@gmail.com. If you do not know how to email your game watch the video below. I know it says to mail it to DailyChessMusings@gmail.com in theContinue reading “How to Share your Games From Chess.com”

Emory Tate’s Immortal Game

Master Chess Theatre is a weekly introspection on awe inspiring games of chess. This week’s episode features a game played between Emory Tate and Leonid Yudasin from 1997.

Emory was a very dear friend of mine and I consider it an honor to have the very first episode of Master Chess Theatre dedicated to him. We spoke of making this series before he died in 2015. I regret that I never had the time to do it before now.

Free Online Chess FAQ

*How can I register? You should be able to register on the Registration page, but if you were having difficulty you can email dailychessmusings@gmail.com. *Do I need a Chess.com account? Yes. We will be using Chess.com to play games and a tournament. You will need an account, but there is no cost to you. YouContinue reading “Free Online Chess FAQ”

Is it easier to learn chess or reading music?

Question: Is it easier to learn chess or reading music? Chess notation and musical notation have a fair amount in common. Those who have studied diligently are rewarded with a chessboard/symphony in their mind. Still, reading musical notation and/or recording chess games are arguably the least fun aspects of “playing.” Some instructors even claim thatContinue reading “Is it easier to learn chess or reading music?”