Free Online Summer Camp FAQ

*How can I register? You should be able to register on the Free Chess Camp page, but if you were having difficulty you can register by filling out this Google Form. *Do I need a account? Yes. We will be using to play games and a tournament. You will need an account, butContinue reading “Free Online Summer Camp FAQ”

Is it easier to learn chess or reading music?

Question: Is it easier to learn chess or reading music? Chess notation and musical notation have a fair amount in common. Those who have studied diligently are rewarded with a chessboard/symphony in their mind. Still, reading musical notation and/or recording chess games are arguably the least fun aspects of “playing.” Some instructors even claim thatContinue reading “Is it easier to learn chess or reading music?”

Wyzant Chess Tutoring

Question: What is your opinion of chess tutoring? Wyzant is a tutoring platform with many great educators. Having been a chess instructor for several decades, I recognize the profiles of many other highly qualified chess teachers. The whiteboard on Wyzant is easy to post chess problems on, I simply tilt the camera toward myContinue reading “Wyzant Chess Tutoring”

Has the ICC become the chess equivalent of MySpace? – Quora

Has the ICC become the chess equivalent of MySpace? – Quora — Read on

Hundreds Celebrate ‘Rosie the Riveter’ at Richmond Waterfront Festival – CBS San Francisco

Former World War II shipyard worker Mary Torres, 96, jumped to her feet and waved as hundreds of people cheered at the Rosie Rally Home Front Festival in Richmond Saturday. — Read on

Remembering Eric Schiller (1955-2018)

  In 2018 I lost a good friend and excellent coach, Eric Schiller. Eric was a true gentleman and scholar who during his journey through life acquired a PhD in Linguistics and FIDE Master title in chess. Most will probably remember Eric as the most prolific chess author in history (he wrote over 100 chessContinue reading “Remembering Eric Schiller (1955-2018)”

Some Helpful Tips for Young #Chess Players

It’s always a fun occasion to play with a handicap against my students. The game below was played at time odds(5 mintues – 1 minute) and I also spotted my opponent a rook. I present the game below with some practical advice for young attacking chess players. [Event “blitz at rook and time odds”] [SiteContinue reading “Some Helpful Tips for Young #Chess Players”

So I was just playing a game of #chess and then this happened… 8

Black to move and mate in 5. Get a free #chess lesson when you work with Chris Torres on Wyzant. Claim your free lesson today to schedule a lesson at any time. Just use my link:

My Favorite #Chess Games: The Second Battle of Hastings

The second Battle of Hastings occurred August 17, 1895, in the tenth round of the Hastings tournament nearly 829 years after William the Duke of Normandy decisively defeated the Anglo-Saxons seven miles northwest of Hastings. In the Second Battle of Hastings, Wilhelm Steinitz conducted a beautifully planned attack which concludes with one of the greatestContinue reading “My Favorite #Chess Games: The Second Battle of Hastings”