On Chess: Millionaire Chess offers high gloss and high risk

Part of any good chess player’s repertoire includes gambits, sacrifices and risks. Specific player’s style of play makes them take this path more often than others; this includes those who prefer a high risk/high reward situation rather than consistency…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1R1UXHY

A Modern Classic in the Grand Prix Attack

  In 2003, blog-meister Daaim Shabazz PhD. Famously asked, “Is the Grand Prix Attack Busted?” In his article, he described the Grand Prix Attack as “rarely seen at top level play where only GM Sergey Tiviakov remains its top employer.”  Then Mr. Shabazz points us to the game of GM Sergey Tiviakov vs GM Garry Kasparov and IM Stephen Muhammed’sContinue reading “A Modern Classic in the Grand Prix Attack”

Eight Year Old Wins Big in Las Vegas

Torres Chess & Music Academy, Inc. 16691 Colonial TrailLathrop, CAPhone (661) 699-8348 Chesslessons@aol.com Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 31, 2012 Eight Year Old Wins Big in Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada, December 26-30, 2012)When Ben Rood walks through a casino in Las Vegas it isn’t to win money on the Craps Tables but insteadContinue reading “Eight Year Old Wins Big in Las Vegas”