10 Completely Free Chess Activities in December

Dear Chess Families, It’s often far too easy to get caught up in everyday stress and forget about the great escape that is the chessboard and the wonderful friendships the chess community fosters. During these unprecedented times, I know that it is especially important that our scholastic chess community members have access to a structuredContinue reading “10 Completely Free Chess Activities in December”

Mate in 4 Challenge from Emory Tate’s Simultaneous Exhibition at MSJE

Below is a game from IM Emory Tate’s chess simul at the Fremont Summer Chess Camp. The simul consisted of 30 boards occupied by many of the top scholastic chess players in Northern California. Emory Tate won on every board and completed the task in under 2 and 1/2 hours. I am purposefully leaving theContinue reading “Mate in 4 Challenge from Emory Tate’s Simultaneous Exhibition at MSJE”

Chess Simul With Grandmaster Susan Polgar 

Here is your friendly reminder that the simul with Susan Polgar is scheduled for 6:00pm on Friday, February 27th. This event will be held at the Bay Area Chess Center located at 1639 A South Main St in Milpitas, California. There is no charge for attending and 5 additional seats in the simul will be raffledContinue reading “Chess Simul With Grandmaster Susan Polgar “