Chess Position Worth Sharing 146!

“Capablanca’s phenomenal move-searching algorithm in those early years, when he possessed a wonderful ability for calculating variations very rapidly, made him invincible.” – Mikhail Botvinnik

Puzzle Worthy Position 36

Today’s puzzle worthy position comes from the exciting Round 3 chess game between IM Roberto Carlos Sanchez Alvarez and GM Jorge Cori played in Mexico City at the Iberoamericano chess tournament on 2/13/2022. In the position below Grandmaster Cori (black) has just played 22… Qa5. What brilliant move did IM Roberto Carlos Sanchez Alvarez (white)Continue reading “Puzzle Worthy Position 36”

Crime and Punishment on the Chessboard (Tijuana Style!)

  Francisco Anchondo showed me another example of why players throughout Mexico revere his chess skills.   [Event “Blitz”] [Site “Tijuana, Mexico”] [Date “14.1.26”] [Round “”] [White “Anchondo, Francisco”] [Black “Morales, Juan”] [Result “”] [Eco “D00”] [Annotator “Chris Torres”] {[Blackmar-Diemer Gambit,D00]} 1.d4 d5 2.e4 {!} {Francisco is usually happy to gambit a couple pawns toContinue reading “Crime and Punishment on the Chessboard (Tijuana Style!)”