Chess for Android Phones

There are three chess applications that Android users should install on their phones.    Droidfish Chess is a free program that allows users to analyze chess positions with a Stockfish clone. This is definately the strongest chess engine available for Android devices and works extremely well on my 1ghz Droid 2. In addition to analysis,Continue reading “Chess for Android Phones”

Rybka Proves It Is Still The Best

Rybka finished first in the 16th ICGA World Computer Chess Championship held in Beijing, China with a score of 8/9 with no losses. For much of the tournament Hiarcs was keeping pace with Rybka but when the two engines played, Rybka was victorious. The other key game for Rybka was against  Junior (2006 World Computer Chess Champion.)Continue reading “Rybka Proves It Is Still The Best”