Torres Chess and Music Academy All Star Team

Congratulations to Amir Dhami, Daniel Mendelevitch, Iddo Zohar, Adrian (Adi) Kisieu and Amar Dhami for being selected onto the 2013 Torres Chess and Music Academy’s All Star Team. The Torres Chess and Music Academy has many talented young chess players and the process of picking five All Stars was very difficult. These players will receiveContinue reading “Torres Chess and Music Academy All Star Team”

Useful Junk: The Jerome Gambit

Below is another interesting game where I played the Jerome Gambit against my student, Iddo Zohar. The Jerome Gambit is an unsound specialty of mine which I like to categorize as “useful junk.” Iddo Zohar is a very talented junior chess player who you will definitely here more about in future posts.   1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3.Continue reading “Useful Junk: The Jerome Gambit”