Chess Club Registration

We are offering our lessons for free for any student or school who would like to learn more about chess. Please read all of the following options and select the one that is best for you. Please note that this is a new system of registration, so if there are any issues please let us know. DailyChessMusings@gmail.com

Option 1

If you do not have an individual scholastic club for your school and you want to join the Daily Chess Musings Chess Club, please click the link below. This club is ONLY for those who are still attending a K-12 school.

Option 2

If your school has filled out the form requesting a school specific chess club and you want to join your school chess club, please click the link for your school below.

Option 3

If you do not see your school listed above, but want a school specific chess club for your school, please have a school representative (teacher, administrator, or PTA/extracurricular head) fill out the request form below and we will make a club for your school.

Option 4

If you are an adult (18+) and are no longer in a K-12 school but are still interested in learning chess, please click the link below.

Option 5

If you are a parent or teacher and do not want to learn chess, but have students/children who are in our club and would like to have a place to ask questions, please click the link below.

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