Puzzle Worthy Position 41

At just 19 years of age, FM Ekaterina Goltseva has made quite a name for herself by twice tying for first place at the European Youth Championships and also winning the silver medal at 2017 Russian Youth Chess Championship. Today’s Puzzle Worthy Position comes from the seventh round victory by Fide Master Ekaterina Goltseva over Woman Candidate Master Grete Olde at the 38th Girls World Junior Championship. Grete (black) has just played 20… Be8 to add a second defender to f7. However, this doesn’t stop Ekaterina (white) from winning my force.

White to move and win (FM Ekaterina Goltseva vs. WCM Grete Olde, R7 of the 2022 European in Youth Championships in Italy on 10/18/2022).

My premise for the Puzzle Worthy Positions series is to include tactical problems from real chess games that make great puzzles to test your tactics with. If you enjoyed this type of content, click here to see other Puzzle Worthy Positions.

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