Greetings Chess Players. My name is Chris Torres and this is my daily chess musing for Tuesday, May 18, 2021. The Strongest Chess Tournament in History Begins on May 23 FTX Crypto Cup will take place from May 23-31. Its record $320,000 online prize fund has attracted a strong field of elite grandmasters. In fact,Continue reading “THE STRONGEST CHESS TOURNAMENT IN HISTORY”

#Chess Position Worth Sharing 108

GM Dmitry Andreiken plays the most beautiful game ending combination of 2018 right before the new year starts! Can you spot black’s brilliant continuation? Black to move and mate in 6! (GM Peter Svidler – GM Dmitry Andreikin, FIDE World Rapid Championship, St Petersburg, 12/27/2018)

Kramnik vs. Svidler: 2009 Tal Memorial

Below is Kramnik’s win over Svidler in a Gruenfeld Defense: Exchange Variation. A lot could be stated about the opening theory as Kramnik tried a new move successfully with 12. h4. However, I do not believe Kramnik’s courageous new move is to blame for Svidler’s failure. Instead, Svidler seemed to have forgotten that “Knight’s onContinue reading “Kramnik vs. Svidler: 2009 Tal Memorial”