‘Pawn Sacrifice’: the genius & madness of Bobby Fischer

The new biodrama “Pawn Sacrifice” about the chess champion Bobby Fischer, doesn’t seem to be attracting much attention from U.S. movie audiences…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1j1VFK9

Review: PAWN SACRIFICE (2015) ‘Tobey Maguire is first-rate as the world’s greatest chess player’

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Interview: Steven Knight on Mastering the Game in “Pawn Sacrifice”

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Pawn Sacrifice’s Tobey Maguire makes his independent move

After starring as the titular superhero in the first Spider-Man film franchise, Tobey Maguire went back to his roots as an independent movie player. Sure, Maguire made a big studio detour in 2013 portraying Nick Carraway opposite Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1WotUKF

Tobey Maguire vanquishes the difficulties of playing chess genius Bobby Fischer

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