Help Build a Chess Community in Uganda

https://gofund.me/979bd09b The Eade Foundation does fantastic work spreading chess to communities around the world. We have made a donation to their current go fund me to support the budding chess community in Uganda. I encourage everyone to donate as well.

Play Chess for a Great Cause

It’s always nice when you can help others while you are also helping yourself. By playing chess in The Eade Foundation’s Spring Scholastic Chess Classic you will be helping The Eade Foundation promote chess literacy and excellence to communities that otherwise would miss out on the benefits of chess. The Eade Foundation’s Spring Scholastic ChessContinue reading “Play Chess for a Great Cause”

Play Chess for The Eade Foundation on May 22

On May 22, I am joining forces with Jay Stallings to host The Eade Foundation Spring Scholastic Chess Classic. The purpose of this online event is to elevate cognizance for the Eade Foundation’s efforts of spreading chess literacy and chess excellence globally. This prestigious scholastic chess event will be a five round Swiss style chessContinue reading “Play Chess for The Eade Foundation on May 22”