Getting the Lead Out (of chess pieces)

Given the environmental effects and neurotoxicity of lead, what would be a better material to use for adding weight to plastic chess pieces? http://www.quora.com/Given-the-environment-effects-and-neurotoxicity-of-lead-what-would-be-a-better-material-to-use-for-adding-weight-to-plastic-chess-pieces

Chess Chat: Q&A with Shelby Lohrman, Chess Entrepreneur

Shelby Lohrman was born into a chess family on August 6th, 1972. His Father initially wanted to name him Tigrin, after Petrosian. However, Shelby’s mother didn’t care for the name Tigrin and instead suggested an alternative chess name. At the time, The Fischer – Spassky match game 4 was wrapping up and Shelby Lyman wasContinue reading “Chess Chat: Q&A with Shelby Lohrman, Chess Entrepreneur”