Calchess State Grade Level Championship: Eric Zhu Remains Undefeated

Fifth grader Eric Zhu remains undefeated after nearly conquering Kevin Moy and reaching a draw by agreement. Eric Zhu attends Mission San Jose Elementary and with this draw brings our team ever closer to another championship. [Event “Calchess State Grade Level Championship”] [Site “Stockton”] [Date “2010.12.05“] [Round “3”] [White “Zhu, Eric”] [Black “Moy, Kevin”] [ResultContinue reading “Calchess State Grade Level Championship: Eric Zhu Remains Undefeated”

CalChess Grade Level Championship

This weekend I am enjoying my duties as a coach at the CalChess Grade Level Championship in Stockton. I will be posting tournament crosstables, games and photos both nights of the tournament. This blogger is extremely grateful that Calchess President Tom Langland performed the chief tournament director duties. Below is a very instructional game playedContinue reading “CalChess Grade Level Championship”