‘Pawn Sacrifice’ review: Tobey Maguire shines as chess great Bobby Fisher

You need know nothing about the game of chess to be drawn into the world of Pawn Sacrifice…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1FAuK2l

Pawn Sacrifice’s Tobey Maguire makes his independent move

After starring as the titular superhero in the first Spider-Man film franchise, Tobey Maguire went back to his roots as an independent movie player. Sure, Maguire made a big studio detour in 2013 portraying Nick Carraway opposite Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1WotUKF

Tobey Maguire vanquishes the difficulties of playing chess genius Bobby Fischer

It was one of the more memorable things ever said on late-night television. Toward the end of an uncommonly smart interview with a notoriously difficult man, Dick Cavett asked chess genius Bobby Fischer what, in chess, is the equivalent of a home run?… Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1OVwLse

Would chess champion Bobby Fischer have made it today?

The brilliant new Hollywood movie Pawn Sacrifice portrays the life of tormented chess genius Robert James “Bobby” Fischer from his early days as a prodigy to his historic 1972 match, at age 29, with Russian world champion Boris Spassky…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1MKpwnA

Tobey Maguire and Liev Schreiber great in ‘Pawn Sacrifice’

The challenge of “Pawn Sacrifice” was to capture the colorful Cold War ’70s, the inner strategies of one man’s paranoid mind and make chess cinematic. Check, and mate…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1KrPZT6

Interview | Ed Zwick on ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ and Bobby Fischer’s Superhuman Hearing

“Edward Zwick is a diverse director, to say the least. He came to major Hollywood fame in 1989 with the Civil War drama Glory, and has made several other impressive historical dramatic epics since, including The Last Samurai, Legends of the Fall, and Defiance. He examined modern day warfare with Courage Under Fire and TheContinue reading “Interview | Ed Zwick on ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ and Bobby Fischer’s Superhuman Hearing”

Pawn Sacrifice Special Lesson: Fischer Channels Morphy

To celebrate the release of the movie Pawn Sacrifice, I have decided to put the spotlight on Bobby Fischer’s games in many of my group chess lessons. Below, I’ve attached my notes to the Fischer game that I presented this last Saturday at Achiever Institute in Fremont. If you missed this lesson there, I willContinue reading “Pawn Sacrifice Special Lesson: Fischer Channels Morphy”

When Chess Was King of the City

In the summer of 1972, one of the city’s newspapers did an informal survey to see what patrons in local bars were watching on TV. It was a time before sports bars existed, yet it seemed reasonable to assume that most would be tuned in to watch the New York Mets, who were still inContinue reading “When Chess Was King of the City”