Saturday Chess Class in Fremont

FremontChess.com‘s Saturday Chess Classes with Rated Tournament and Analysis Brought to you by the US Chess Mates under the auspices of the Torres Chess and Music Academy. We invite all young chess players to a uniquely exciting experience in the world of rated chess competition! Each week students will take part in an engaging chess class,Continue reading “Saturday Chess Class in Fremont”

Fremont Summer Chess Camp 2015: Day 8

I am amazed by the amount of improvement I am witnessing in our chess students after completing eight days of intense training at the Fremont Summer Chess Camp. Before dismissing my students for the weekend, I made sure everyone of them understood the fact that their efforts have already paid off! The fact is, “WeContinue reading “Fremont Summer Chess Camp 2015: Day 8”

Nothing Amateur about the TCAMA Summer Chess Classes and Tournaments

The Torres Chess and Music Academy is aware that parents in Northern California have many choices to make in regards to where they send their children for chess training this summer. Before making that choice, we urge parents to do their due diligence and research the different programs or instructors. In particular, be on theContinue reading “Nothing Amateur about the TCAMA Summer Chess Classes and Tournaments”