Carlsen vs. Nepomniachtchi: World Championship – Game 7

Greetings chess players. My name is Chris Torres, and this is Daily Chess Musings’ Special Coverage of the 2021 FIDE World Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

After their historic Game 6, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Magnus Carlsen played a much quieter and shorter Game 7. Nepo returned to playing the white side of the Ruy Lopez and Magnus Carlsen used the same approach in the opening that he employed in Game 5. Of particularly educational value is Magnus’ 8… Rb8 and early piece maneuvers which really seem to have taken the sting out of the 8. a4 Anti-Marshall. In fact, by move 28 it was clear that a draw was the best result Ian could achieve and thus he would not be able to even the match score up during Game 7.
Now, without further ado, let’s take a close look at game 7 of the Carlsen-Nepomniachtchi Match!


I hope you enjoyed today’s special presentation of round 7 from the 2021 FIDE World Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi. For more on the match please visit the official website at https://fideworldchampionship.com. Additionally, please take a moment to like this video and subscribe to my Daily Chess Musings YouTube channel. Finally, be sure to check out DailyChessMusings.com to find my notes to this video as well as thousands of other free learning resources. My name is Chris Torres, and I will see you tomorrow with a special presentation of round 8 from the Carlsen-Nepomniachtchi Match.

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Press Officer
Jonathan Tisdall

Nepomniachtchi Ian (RUS)
Carlsen Magnus (NOR)

Result: ½-½
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