1,000 Year-Old Chess Set to be Auctioned Off

   The 10th-century chess set is believed to have been made in the city of Nishapur, now modern-day Iran, with several pieces equivalent to chess figures such as pawns, knights, kings and queens…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1TN5Gem

The Chess Engine that Died So AlphaGo Could Live

   AlphaGo, a computer program designed by Google DeepMind, has just one more game to go against top-ranked Go player Lee Sedol in Seoul, South Korea, in a five-game match reminiscent of the 1997 showdown between Deep Blue and Garry Kasparov…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1U0Knqe

A crafty stalemate

From page 57 of Hendricks Move First, Think Later, Chapter 6 Pattern-like Knowledge. The following position is a good example of how we look for patterns in chess and fail to see solutions that do not fit into those. See if you can find the draw for white here, I know I certainly couldn’t…. Read the fullContinue reading “A crafty stalemate”