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Napoleon Hill famously stated “To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible!” This is especially true in terms of chess.

Napoleon Hill

Most days I spend quality time searching through chess databases for sources of inspiration. Some days produce less than stellar results while on rare occasions I discover real hidden gems in the form of brilliant offhand games by players who never achieved the notoriety of becoming a World Champion. Once found, I save my new finds into my personal chess treasures folder.

Over the years, scores of brilliant chess games have been placed in my personal treasures collection. Of course, time spent searching for new discoveries takes away from my time reviewing old favorites. If chess games in databases could collect dust, truth be told, many of my most exciting finds would have by now.

One good thing about forgetting about your old treasures is the process of rediscovering them. Recently I played a really nice game against a student using a line from an old Tarrasch game most chess players have never seen. After the victory, I went on a search for the inspiration to my noteworthy victory.

Siegbert Tarrasch

Rediscovering a game like this was inspiring on a personal level but nothing compared to the incredible experience of sharing my appreciation of a brilliant game to inspire others. So below I present a relatively obscure chess masterpiece by one of my chess heroes, Siegbert Tarrasch. Enjoy…

Tarrasch vs. Romberg, an odds game played in Nuremberg in 1893.


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Chris Torres is a nationally renowned scholastic chess coach working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His classes have attracted players of strengths ranging from rank beginners to world champions. A chess professional since 1998, Chris is widely recognized as one of the main driving forces behind the explosion in popularity and sudden rise in quality of scholastic chess in California. Chris Torres served as the President of the Torres Chess and Music Academy from 2005-2020 and currently is recognized as a correspondence chess master with the United States Chess Federation. Since 1998 Chris Torres has taught 6 individual national champions as well as led multiple school teams to win national championship titles. In addition, Chris Torres has directed and taught at 10 different schools which have been California State Champions at chess. In 2011 and 2012, several former and current students of Chris Torres have been selected to represent the United States at the World Youth Chess Championships. Mr. Torres’ hobbies include playing classical guitar and getting his students to appear on the national top 100 chess rating lists.

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