Alex Trebek (July 22, 1940 – Nov. 8, 2020)

Today, we lost the beloved host of the television game show Jeopardy to cancer. I have many fond memories of watching Jeopardy during his thirty-seven years as the host. However, I thought it would be particularly fitting for this blog to share the Double Jeopardy category from Show # 5651 – Monday, March 16th, 2009. It was on this day, during the Tournament of Champions, that Alex Trebek unveiled the category entitled, “Let’s Talk About Chess, Champs!” I present the category for your pleasure below:

Let’s Talk About Chess, Champs!

$400:  Even with two extra pawns, white can’t force a win here, because these pieces can travel only on opposite-colored squares.

$800:  Literally “in passing”, it’s the 2-word term for how a pawn can capture another pawn that’s moved past it.

$1200:  White should have an easy win here, but he blows it by moving his queen to the D6 square, leading to this drawn outcome.

$1600:  Initiated by the moves E4 E6, this defense got its name from its use by a Paris team in an 1834 match with London.

$2000:  White can’t move his knight, because doing so would expose his king; the knight’s said to be stuck to the king with this tactic, named for a pointy little object.

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