2015 Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys: U14 Boys Results

2015 SPFNO U14 Boys Results
2015 SPFNO U14 Boys Results(Photo by Paul Truong)



# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 GABRIEL SAM 2093 W12 W11 W23 W3 D2 W5 5.5
2 SETH TALYANSKY 1974 W15 W9 W5 W4 D1 D3 5.0
3 DANIAL ASARIA 2166 W10 W6 W4 L1 W11 D2 4.5
4 Milind Maiti 1909 W16 W8 L3 L2 W12 W7 4.0
5 VIKRAM RAMASAMY 1880 W19 W22 L2 W8 W6 L1 4.0
6 BRANDON C HO 1788 W18 L3 W7 W12 L5 W13 4.0
7 SHAFIEEN IBRAHIM 1820 W20 W26 L6 W13 W9 L4 4.0
8 THOMAS KUNZE 1545 W21 L4 W14 L5 W15 X11 4.0
9 Sunny Kahlon 1649 W24 L2 W19 X23 L7 D10 3.5
11 DMITRI V DOBRYNIN 1744 W14 L1 W17 W15 L3 F8 3.0
12 ANTHONY SCOTT FAULKS 1345 L1 W20 W26 L6 L4 W14 3.0
13 SRI HARSHIT DODDAPANENI 1538 W25 L23 W18 L7 W16 L6 3.0
14 JASON ZHONG 1031 L11 W16 L8 W19 W18 L12 3.0
15 KIA SADEGHI 1337 L2 W24 W22 L11 L8 W20 3.0
16 PRATHEEK SANKESHI 1208 L4 L14 W21 W20 L13 W19 3.0
17 SAURAV RAGHAVENDRA 1195 L23 W25 L11 W18 L10 W21 3.0
18 Avi Khanna 1048 L6 W10 L13 L17 L14 B— 2.0
19 ALBERT AN-BAO NGUYEN 1126 L5 W21 L9 L14 W25 L16 2.0
20 Charles Cla Smith 1123 L7 L12 W25 L16 W22 L15 2.0
21 Amay Gupta 707 L8 L19 L16 W22 B— L17 2.0
22 RAHUL KHORANA 576 B— L5 L15 L21 L20 W25 2.0
23 Ganesh Murugappan 1897 W17 W13 L1 F9 U— U— 2.0
24 PRAHALAD MITRA 801 L9 L15 L10 H— H— H— 1.5
25 ALFRED OJOGWU unr. L13 L17 L20 B— L19 L22 1.0
26 HENRY GALE unr. X27 L7 L12 F10 U— U— 1.0
27 NAMAN SINGHAL 1492 F26 U— U— U— U— U— 0.0

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