2015 Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys: Blitz Championship Results

2015 SPFNO Blitz Championship Results(Photo by Paul Truong)
2015 SPFNO Blitz Championship Results(Photo by Paul Truong)



# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot Prize
1 Cameron Wheeler 2383 W25 W3 W17 W16 W2 W4 6.0 1st Place
2 Aaron Grabinsky 2318 W29 W12 W5 W10 L1 W13 5.0 2nd Place
3 Joshua Grabinsky 1644 W33 L1 W43 W9 W14 W16 5.0 3rd Place
4 Vikram Ramasamy 1900 W36 W21 D18 W11 W10 L1 4.5 4th Place
5 Benja Friedlander 1648 W26 W39 L2 W19 W11 D6 4.5 5th Place
6 Christopher W Yoo 1749 W35 L9 W34 W22 W8 D5 4.5 6th Place
7 Gabriel Sam 2093 W43 L8 W25 D18 W12 W17 4.5 7th Place
8 Satvik Singireddy 1594 W45 W7 L10 W15 L6 W19 4.0 8th Place
9 Jaisu Kaleeswaran 1322 W30 W6 L11 L3 W27 W24 4.0 9th Place
10 Josiah P Stearman 2195 W32 W24 W8 L2 L4 W22 4.0 10th Place
11 Ganesh Murugappan 1897 W38 W20 W9 L4 L5 W28 4.0
12 Josiah Perkins 1638 W37 L2 W27 W26 L7 W20 4.0
13 Justi Friedlander 1732 W23 L16 W31 W21 W18 L2 4.0
14 Gloria Friedman 1759 W34 L18 W23 W24 L3 W21 4.0
15 Dmitri V Dobrynin 1744 W47 W19 L16 L8 W32 W18 4.0
16 Andrea Botez unr. W22 W13 W15 L1 D17 L3 3.5
17 Nastassja A Matus 1735 W31 W46 L1 W20 D16 L7 3.5
18 Hersh Singh 1426 W42 W14 D4 D7 L13 L15 3.0
19 Kaitlyn Chu 1406 W28 L15 W40 L5 W31 L8 3.0
20 Reagan Pearl 1410 W27 L11 W30 L17 W35 L12 3.0
21 Daniel H Hwang 1499 W40 L4 W46 L13 W29 L14 3.0
22 Enkhj Gomboluudev 1432 L16 W47 W39 L6 W34 L10 3.0
23 Pranav Sairam 700 L13 W29 L14 W42 W43 L25 3.0
24 Ishan Dutta 1621 W44 L10 W45 L14 W25 L9 3.0
25 Daniel Cheng 1237 L1 W44 L7 W45 L24 W23 3.0
26 Anthony Sc Faulks 1345 L5 W33 W42 L12 L28 W34 3.0
27 Sunny Kahlan unr. L20 W38 L12 W43 L9 W36 3.0
28 Raymond Muller unr. L19 L34 W36 W37 W26 L11 3.0
29 Ioana Murgulet 1218 L2 L23 W47 W44 L21 W35 3.0
30 Cassandra Maria Roshu unr. L9 W35 L20 L31 W44 W38 3.0
31 Anav Mehta 722 L17 W41 L13 W30 L19 D32 2.5
32 Ruthvi Singireddy 1198 L10 L40 W33 W46 L15 D31 2.5
33 Netr Thirumuruhan 673 L3 L26 L32 B— D42 W37 2.5
34 Minda Chen 882 L14 W28 L6 W39 L22 L26 2.0
35 Meghana Kancharla 807 L6 L30 W41 W40 L20 L29 2.0
36 Micah Si Stearman 935 L4 L42 L28 W41 W45 L27 2.0
37 El Karis-sconyers 527 L12 L43 W38 L28 W39 L33 2.0
38 Prathul Ganesh 919 L11 L27 L37 X47 W40 L30 2.0
39 Pranav Bellannagari unr. W41 L5 L22 L34 L37 W45 2.0
40 Sai Chilckapati unr. L21 W32 L19 L35 L38 W44 2.0
41 Hailey Riley 1364 L39 L31 L35 L36 W46 W42 2.0
42 Aradh Kaur unr. L18 W36 L26 L23 D33 L41 1.5
43 Anchul Schmidt 949 L7 W37 L3 L27 L23 F46 1.0
44 David Roshu 507 L24 L25 B— L29 L30 L40 1.0
45 Daniyal Virk 485 L8 B— L24 L25 L36 L39 1.0
46 Owen Xuan 395 B— L17 L21 L32 L41 F43 1.0
47 Nivedha Maniv 763 L15 L22 L29 F38 U— U— 0.0

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