Camp Instructions

The start of DailyChessMusings.com Free Winter Break Chess Camp is now just days away! Your child will find their assignments in the group they selected as their experience level. Please have him or her join me live on our YouTube page at 11:00 am Pacific for our Welcome Meeting each day of the camp. Immediately after the meeting, students should check their group’s daily itinerary at DailyChessMusings.com and join the Tournament for their section (Absolute Beginners will not be playing in a tournament Beginners will get them after the first day).

We will post the daily itinerary for each group by 10:00 am each day. We do not post in advance to avoid people doing everything before we have even begun.

Important: Before camp begins you should make sure that you have subscribed to our YouTube Channel, bookmarked our DailyChessMusings page and joined our Chess.com Club so you do not miss any important updates, new material, chess games or live broadcasts. 

See you Monday,

Chris Torres

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