FIDE World Chess Championship 2021 – Game 6

Dec 3 | **GAME 6** 3½ – 2½

Game 6 was the first decisive game of the 2021 World Championship game. Magnus Carlsen beat the Russian challenger grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi in a game that I can only describe as being epic.

The first time control saw Magnus and Nepomniachtchi create mega imbalances and then get so low on time that they were both literally seconds away from immediately losing. Once the first time control was reached, Magnus Carlsen had time to play brilliantly with his two rooks and a knight versus Ian Nepomniachtchi’s Queen and Bishop. Hours later Magnus Carlsen put on a masterclass in winning a rook and knight versus queen endgame. In total, game six was 136 moves long and lasted 7 hours and 45 minutes which sets the all-time record for the longest game in the history of the World Chess Championship. Because of the historic importance and lengthy nature of their epic battle, I will be breaking game 6 up into three videos. For now, please refer to my annotations in the game viewer.

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