December 27, 2021

All the chess problems listed are extra. You do not have to do all the problems in one day, or even do them at all. They are meant to fill in time if you happen to finish an assignment and are waiting for the next event to begin.

Absolute Beginner-doesn’t even know the pieces and Beginner-knows the names of the pieces and that is about all

Intermediate -knows how to play and how to castle

Advanced -knows how to play & even knows en passant

Experienced-has taken chess lessons

Tournament-has played more than 25 games in US Chess Federation tournaments

Beginner – Tournament

11:00 AMOpening Message
11:15 AMEpisode One: Emory Tate’s Immortal Game
Checking Time: Philidor’s Legacy
12:00 PMRound 1 & 2 g/15
1:00 PMLive Chess vs Coach Chris (Watch on YouTybe)
Challenge Coach Chris (click the link to issue a challenge on chess.com. Only click here today after he has gone online)
ExtraChess Problems
 or Drills

Absolute Beginner

If you would like to watch the live lesson @1 you may by clicking the link above.

To play versus the computer on Chess.com just click the link and select your opponent. You can scroll to see other opponents other than Jimmy. I suggest starting with Martin(250). Once you have beaten him at least 5 times then you can move onto another opponent.

You can also play live games against other players by going to Play Online or Live Chess

11:00 AMOpening Message
11:10 AMCoach Tortoise Lesson 1: The board
Coach Tortoise Lesson 2: Pieces & Pawns
Coach Tortoise Lesson 3: Check, Checkmate, & Stalemate
Essential Checkmates
Coach Tortoise Lesson 4: Castling
Coach Tortoise Lesson 5: En Passant
1:00 PMEpisode 1: Hamlisch vs NN, 1899
Checking Time: Anastasia’s Mate
Episode 2: de Legal vs Saint Brie, 1750
Checking Time: Arabian Mate
Episode 3: Meek vs Adbor, 1855
Checking Time: Boden’s Mate
ExtraChess Problems
 or Drills
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