Chris Torres’ Birthday Simul 2021

December 18

@ 6pm PT

For my birthday I will be playing a 10 person simul. The first 10 applicants will be my opponents. If they do not accept my challenge then the next person on the list will get their spot. If you do not include your Chess.com Username in your registration then we will go to the next correct entry on the list.

Watch on YouTube


Go ahead and click this link @ 6pm to challenge me for the simul.
See you then,


Simul Participants (Posted by 12/17)

Make sure you are friends with Coach Tortoise on Chess.com and are able to see messages from him and accept requests.

Be logged on to Chess.com before 6:00 pm Pacific Time and be ready to accept his challenge. If the challenge expires he may move on to the next alternate on the list.

Simul Alternates

Follow the directions above. Coach Tortoise will challenge you if one of the first 10 participants does not accept the challenge.

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