Pawn Sacrifice: Bobby Fischer Chess Puzzle 2

In today’s puzzle, we try to find an improvement over Fischer’s Qd6+. The unplayed improvement is actually a forced mate in 3 that Bobby Fischer missed over the board. I imagine that the then 15-year-old Fischer was so caught up in the excitement of slaying the dragon that he failed to search for a betterContinue reading “Pawn Sacrifice: Bobby Fischer Chess Puzzle 2”

Review: ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ ably follows Bobby Fischer’s unraveling, move by move

LOS ANGELES – No sports fan need be reminded of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but what about the agony of victory, the unraveling that can occur when your triumph is so complete there are no more worlds to conquer?… Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1FXZV7X

Pawn Sacrifice: Bobby Fischer Chess Puzzle 1

The movie Pawn Sacrifice has put the games of Bobby Fischer back into the spotlight. Below is a puzzle from one of Bobby’s games. Can you spot the winning combination?     Here is the complete game for your further enjoyment:   [Event “Curacao Candidates”] [Site “Willemstad CURACAO”] [Date “1962.06.14”] [EventDate “1962.05.02”] [Round “22”] [ResultContinue reading “Pawn Sacrifice: Bobby Fischer Chess Puzzle 1”

A conversation with ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ producer Gail Katz

ST. LOUIS — Once in awhile, in my role as a movie critic, other grand opportunities present themselves and my fortuitous meeting with “Pawn Sacrifice’s” producer at an industry cocktail party rates as one such opportunity. The St…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1LrBUss

The Age of Bobby Fischer: Before Facebook Mated Eccentrics

The brilliant new Hollywood movie “Pawn Sacrifice” portrays the life of tormented chess genius Robert James “Bobby” Fischer from his early days as a prodigy to his historic 1972 match, at age 29, with Russian world champion Boris Spassky…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1Gp9F6f

Review: PAWN SACRIFICE (2015) ‘Tobey Maguire is first-rate as the world’s greatest chess player’

He may have lacked social skills, but Bobby Fischer is regarded by most as the greatest chess player of all time…. Read the full article via http://ift.tt/1L7n9ZO

Der Fischer Konig vs. Der Burgermeister

I have been teaching more from the games of Bobby Fischer lately due to the recent release of the movie Pawn Sacrifice. Below are the notes to a lesson I gave last week about Bobby Fischer’s shortest recorded loss. Enjoy… [Event “Bobby Fischer’s Simultaneous Exhibition Tour”] [Site “San Francisco (USA)”] [Date “1964”] [Round “”] [WhiteContinue reading “Der Fischer Konig vs. Der Burgermeister”