Huge Chess News for California

It’s official. Talented chess players from around the United States will be coming to California next February in order to compete in the 10th annual Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Boys and Girls. Over $100,000 will be  awarded in prizes, which include trophies, computers, chess prizes and scholarships to Webster University.  In addition to theseContinue reading “Huge Chess News for California”

Oops She Did It Again!

  To most fans of college athletics, a coach fails unless he/she wins it all every time. To Susan Polgar, the head coach of Webster University’s Chess Team, success and failure are connected like cause and effect. Still, her unique philosophy on coaching chess has allowed her to set a record that even the harshestContinue reading “Oops She Did It Again!”

Susan Polgar Explains Her Coaching Philosophy

Susan Polgar is, in my humble opinion, the best chess coach in the United States. Her achievement of coaching two different division 1 colleges to National Chess Championships on several occasions speaks volumes as to her abilities. I believe Susan’s coaching philosophy should prove useful for coaches of any discipline. Obtained from http://susanpolgar.blogspot.com/2014/04/my-coaching-philo<a href="http://susanpolgar.blogspot.com/2014/04/my-coaching-philosophy.html?m=1 ManyContinue reading “Susan Polgar Explains Her Coaching Philosophy”

Who are playing in the 2014 College Chess Final Four?

Who are playing in the 2014 College Chess Final Four?. Susan Polgar has the answers. Webster University Ray Robson Georg Meier Wesley So Le Quang Liem Fidel Corrales Jimenez Anatoly Bykhovksy Head Coach: GM Susan Polgar UMBC Niclas Huschenbeth Akshayraj Kore Levan Bregadze Nazi Paikidze Sabina Foisor Head Coach: GM Sam Palatnik University of IllinoisContinue reading “Who are playing in the 2014 College Chess Final Four?”