10 Completely Free Chess Activities in December

Dear Chess Families, It’s often far too easy to get caught up in everyday stress and forget about the great escape that is the chessboard and the wonderful friendships the chess community fosters. During these unprecedented times, I know that it is especially important that our scholastic chess community members have access to a structuredContinue reading “10 Completely Free Chess Activities in December”

Velocity Chess Makes it Fun to be at Odds with One Another

Velocity Chess is a revolutionary new online chess platform that is making playing chess “at odds” cool again. Want to play a game against a chess master where he/she spots you a rook or a few minutes in a blitz game? Velocity Chess is the place for you. Setting up a game at odds hasContinue reading “Velocity Chess Makes it Fun to be at Odds with One Another”

22 Wins, 12 Draws, and 2 Losses

That’s Magnus Carlsen’s combined record at the 2014 World Rapid Chess Championship and World Blitz Chess Championship. Magnus is also the current number 1 rated chess player in the world and the current World Chess Champion. Magnus Carlsen is now a member of the most exclusive chess club of them all. That is to say thatContinue reading “22 Wins, 12 Draws, and 2 Losses”

Once upon a time in Mexico: A Chess Adventure Retold by Francisco Anchondo

My friend Francisco Anchondo sent me a story from one of his recent chess adventures in Mexico. The story is fantastic and the game is even better. Enjoy!       From Francisco: On my way to Ensenada at 2:30 AM my vehicle was having some electrical problems. l waited at 7/11 /Pemex service station Continue reading “Once upon a time in Mexico: A Chess Adventure Retold by Francisco Anchondo”

April’s Chess Combination of the Month

This month’s chess combination comes from a nice win I had over “Flash,” the number two ranked player on VelocityChess.com. Each Month I will select one combination that I played in a real game to examine in detail for the benefit of my students and readers.   When it is your turn, the first thingContinue reading “April’s Chess Combination of the Month”

Its Deja Vu Mr. Petroff

In French the phrase Deja Vu means “already seen.” Not only have I already posted an article on my clever new system against the Nimzowitsch Attack in the Petroff Defense, I did so in my last post. However, the real reason for a sense of Deja Vu is that I  played this game following a chess lessonContinue reading “Its Deja Vu Mr. Petroff”

Teaching Chess Improves Chess Creativity

Last night after a long day teaching chess which culminated with a private lesson for chess prodigy Ben Rood, I came home and decided to relax by playing a couple blitz games on FICS. As usual, I won a couple and lost a couple. In the past I have noticed that I have more creative ways of handling routineContinue reading “Teaching Chess Improves Chess Creativity”